December 24, 2005

Merry Christmas Eve

It's Christmas Eve and something amazing has happened...
I didn't leave the house other than to run up to Subway!
Which means...I had all my Christmas shopping done before
Christmas Eve this year. wow~wow~wow
So, I have spent a very relaxing day at home today. I have
almost all the christmas presents wrapped and under the tree,
(except for those that I want Taylor to think really came from
Santa...those will be put out later) and I'm now relaxing before
our busy evening begins.

Here is our Christmas Eve schedule:
=Church (communion, candles and carols)
=Go out driving around looking at Christmas lights
while having hot chocolate and listening to a Christmas cd
=Make peanut butter cookies for Santa
=Let the kids open 2 gifts (1 from me, 1 from Gpa and Gma)
=Get cookies and milk ready for Santa and lay out carrots for reindeer
=Sprinkle reindeer dust out on the front lawn
=Relax and watch a Christmas movie, have popcorn and eggnog
=Go to bed and listen for Santa's bells

I'm so excited about the gifts I got my kids!! They will be very happy children tomorrow morning! I'm also very thankful that my kids will have such a good Christmas as I know that there are so many who will not be having any Christmas.
It breaks my heart to think there will be children tomorrow morning who will not have anything to unwrap, who will be all excited when they wake up only to be heartbroken when they see nothing under the tree. The Lord has truly blessed us this year and the years past! For that, we are very blessed and thankful to Him!

~May you all have a very Merry Christmas~
~ Jesus is Born!~
Luke 2