December 16, 2005

13 hour work day

Yes, I worked 13 hours today! 7:30am-8:30pm. The fact that it's 10:00 and I haven't passed out yet is a miracle. What a rough day! How some providers work 6am -6pm is beyond me. And what whiners I had today. wow! Some parents need to make sure their kids are in bed at a decent hour! Talk about some little grouches today! I am SO happy it's the weekend!! And so happy I work 4 days next week and then will be off for 11 days straight. Yippeeeee! And I hope some time during that time it snows so the kids and I can go sledding!!!!!

Mom was off work today and made potato soup for dinner...YUM!!
It was the highlight of my day!!

I have really been trying to make a point of reading my Bible this week and I have had such a good time doing it. I just told a friend today that she needed to start reading her Bible. She's going through a lot right now and had another big blow happen to her yesterday. She's blaming God. It's sad. It's not easy to tell people that God will take care of them when they feel their life is falling apart. That's why it is so important to have a strong relationship with Him before things start to go bad. I look at my parents and everything that they've been through in the last 2 years and I have to have admiration for the faith that they have that God will never forget about them or stop providing for them. It would have been easy for them to have lost their faith. It would have been easy for me to have lost my faith too in these 2 years, and I consider it a miracle that my kids and I went out and found our own church and became very involved and active in that church.
To most people, I may have had every right to give up on church. Unfortunately, I know that those people are the same people who don't have the faith it takes to keep going even when they've been knocked down. How sad for them!

Anyway...I need to get to bed. I'm so tired.

~good night...don't call me early...i'm sleepin in~