December 7, 2005

School Closing

For those of you who know my parents situation and everything they went through in their last church and leaving and moving in with me two years ago and etc...etc...etc...

Remember that my father started a Christian School at that church in 2001...the school was doing very well and in the black the last year my dad was there with NO financial help from the church at all...well, for the last two years he's been gone, it's gone in the Red and left begging the church for help. The church now refuses to help the school at all and it was just decided at a board meeting this past Sunday night that they are closing the school at the end of this year.

First off, they have a person running it who knows nothing about running a school and doesn't even have any college education at all...
but he is the music minister and has 5 kids (4 of which attend that school for FREE) and a wife who is the paid secretary for the school, who is usually off shopping or at the tanning bed instead of being in the office to answer parent's calls during school hours. Not to mention off giving piano lessons in the church Sunday School rooms , thus making more money for herself during school hours.

Secondly, that church is MORE than capable of helping the school, they just don't want to mess with it just like they don't want to mess with the kids who come from "unfortunate" families on the church van each Sunday morning and Wednesday night. The "van kids" as they call them, are trouble.
They have absolutely no community outreach concern and could care less if they get any new members in...they're only worried about kicking out those who don't "fit" into their mold. And they've done it.

You know, I made my peace with the fact that even though my dad loved his grandkids so much that he shed blood, sweat and tears to start that school for them and other children in our community, not to mention fought a whole church board on a monthly basis to make sure it got started, only to have it placed in the hands of someone uneducated and undeserving of it... and that we would have to leave it all behind and my kids would lose out on the school that was partly started for them. And I was ok with the fact that although we left and choose to homeschool, at least some other child(ren) who couldn't make it in public schools would have a safe and loving place to go...and I even swallowed my pride and continued to tell people that it was a great school.

But, the fact that they are shutting the doors because of money mismanagement and church politics makes me SICK!!!!

I will be honest, there was a time when I had hoped that the doors would close. Those were my selfish "bitter" thoughts, right after we left, because my kids could no longer go to a school their grandfather had worked so hard to start for them. So, I guess in that respect if I went back to all the "wrongs" that were done to my family, I could be happy. But I'm not.

But, I can't say I'm exactly sad either. It really won't bother me to know that everyone else will know now what a failure the person put in charge is and how selfish that church is with its money and how unwilling they are to help out in seeing that kids in our community can get a Christian education. That's bad of me and I'm wrong, I know.

I guess I have mixed feelings. I will say that I am SO sorry for all the parents who are losing the secure feeling of dropping their kids off at a school where their Lord can be talked about, prayed to, and taught about openly without having to call a school board meeting and PTA meeting to see if it's ok or politically correct. And where they can leave their children knowing that they will be safe- spiritually, emotionally and physically.

But what hurts me more is that I also feel a deep saddness for the kids who have been made fun of, rejected and/or even hurt physically at public schools because of their beliefs, only to find a place where they belong and actually like learning and going to school again, only to lose it because of careless financial decisions and selfish church board rulings.

I wonder how some of these board members can sleep at night. And I wonder if it's in the church manual that board members have to have actually READ their Bibles before being elected?! Church politics are sins made "politically correct".