December 27, 2005

Almost Taylor's Birthday

So Christmas is over...we were more than blessed with what we received...the kids got MORE than enough and we still have one Christmas left this coming Saturday. more huge dump trucks or diggers...I keep tripping on them.

Taylor's birthday is baby is turning 9. I can't believe it. I wish I could go back 9 years!! I would do it in a second. Of course I'd like to be living where I am now, and making the money that I am now, and be wiser (as I think I am now) but I would go back if I could!
I think I was just starting to go into labor at this time 9 years ago...
I want to go back...I want to go back...I want to go back... Ok, I'm clicking my Nikes together but nothing is happening...darn that Wizard of Oz!! Well, maybe I should think about that a little I REALLY want to go through all that pain? Do I really want to push that big 8 pd 3oz baby out? Do I really want to see that little face again for the first time. YOU BET I DO!!!!!!

I am SO not through having children! Only one problem...not only do I NOT have a husband, I don't even have a boyfriend, heck, I'm not even talking to anyone right now... I guess there are other ways...Hmm, I think I'll pass and just relive the joys of childbirth through "A Baby Story" and all my fellow new mommy bloggers.

~Happy Birthday My Baby Boy~