December 20, 2005

Hoping this works tonight

Last night I had a huge blog about Nanny 911...of course as soon as I hit "publish post" it disappeared out into cyberspace...I think Nanny Deb had something to do with it. Oh well, I don't feel like rehashing on to other things....
P.S. Did you know that Nanny Deb is only 33? She looks 63! Yikes, is that what dealing with kids does to you???

So today I had 4 daycare has croup and will be out until Thursday.
My 2 kiddos who are really hard to like these days, were picked up at 3:30 and will not be back until January 3rd. Yay!! Yippeee!! Doing the HAPPY dance!!! Hey, I'm trying to like these kids, but the more I know them, and their parents, the more I want to shake them. ALL of them! The parents are "gentle discipline" people and GRRRRRRRR sometimes I just want to hand them a wooden spoon, place them in a room with their 4 yr old and tell them to GO AT IT!!!! Or if not, hand that spoon over to me!! She is the SNOTTIEST little thing!!! Seriously, she's going to get the crap beat out of her in Kindergarten. If not then, DEFINITELY in middle school!! These are just some examples of the things I have witnessed in the last week....

She screams and whines if her dad doesn't put her coat on a red hanger in the morning. This started a few weeks ago. I had six hangers on the kids coat rack, 2 red, 2 white and 2 blue...(I have an americana theme in my front entryway) So, you know what mean ol' me did last week....well, I have two kids who come before this family, so I made sure their coats were already on the 2 red hangers. Ok, so last Monday, she doesn't notice...Tuesday I do the same thing and move coats to red hangers...they come in and I think she's forgotten about the hangers, OH NO...her dad put her coat on a white hanger, she sees this and starts whining that she wants her coat on the blue hanger (the hanger he had in his hand for his son's coat) so what does spineless dad do...says "Ok sweetie, I'll put your coat on the blue hanger! You're so wonderful honey!!" Grrr, I wanted to throw up. But, on with my day...until naptime...the kids were sleeping and I happened to look over at the coat rack. Something in me snapped and I went over and grabbed all the coats and hangers...took all the coats off and got all the hangers and went upstairs and got 6 green hangers...ALL ONE COLOR!! Hmmm, whatcha gonna do now little girl????!!! So, dad comes to pick up, no one says anything. The next morning however, dad notices and says "Oh, I see you changed the hangers."
I said "Ya, I decided to have them all green, ya know, for Christmas" which he responds "Oh, well, you should do green and red." BITING MY TONGUE because I SO badly wanted to say "NO! I can't do two colors because your spoiled little picky brat would have a meltdown if she didn't get the right color hanger!!!!!" But I didn't.

And I'm not even going to get into the time that this little 4 yr old picked up her plate up, held it over the side of the table and acted like she was going to tip it upside down, all while looking me straight in the face. Well, she did that ONCE!! I made it very clear that if she ever did that, she would eat on the floor!! Of course that didn't stop her from throwing food. Until, I made her get up from the table one day to pick up all the food she threw and go sit in time out. Then she was so afraid that I wouldn't let her come back in the kitchen for the rest of her lunch, that she promised never to do it again. And so far, she hasn't.

OH another gem....Last Friday, I gave each child a candy cane at pick-up. I give them to the parents so that they can either give them to them in the car or wait until they get home. Well, of course this little girl was already whining for it before I could even hand it to dad. And of course, dad gave it to her. Well, they were my last pick-ups, so when they left, I went in the kitchen. About 5 minutes later, I hear someone knocking on my door. I answer and her dad is standing there with her candy cane in his hand. About a 1/2 inch is gone from the top. He looks at me and says, "could we have another candy cane, hers broke and she is not happy" I just stood there looking at him for about 10 seconds, didn't say anything and couldn't move. All I was thinking was "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?"
The whole stinking candy cane is there except for a little bit and you need a new one???? So finally he looks at me and says "Well, if you have extras...we have plenty at home" I snap out of my shock and say to my son, (who is in the kitchen) "Hey Tyler, could you bring me a candy cane?" I hand it to him , he says thanks and leaves. Meanwhile, my mom was outside the whole time getting stuff out of her trunk and when she comes in, she asks what happened. Then she tells me that she was screaming at her dad to go get her a new one since hers broke. Grrrrrrrrr
Had enough yet? There's more...
Yesterday she woke up from nap and had in her head that her grandma was going to be coming to get her to take her to get her hair cut. She told me this like she knew it to be a fact so I said ok but that her parents hadn't mentioned it to me, so maybe that was going to be something they were going to do later. She insisted that her grandma WOULD come and WOULD take her to get her hair cut. So, we wait, and here comes her dad. I answer the door and she immediately starts screaming and loud that we can't even understand what she's saying...finally we get "grandma" and "haircut" and I tell dad that she had been saying all afternoon that her grandma was coming not her dad. So, she is throwing a royal fit , all while dad is talking nice and softly to her and bribbing her with different things, (none of which are making her shut up), the she proceeds to kick her dad. He says in his soft voice again "Honey, Angel, do you want to have to sit in the corner when we get home?" I'm getting ready to throw actually, I was getting ready to step in and tell her that she was still in Miss. Tonja's house and if she didn't quit, I was going to put her in time out myself. But, I didn't and she kicked dad again. And you know what, he deserved it! If you're not going to teach your child who's in charge, I hope you get the crap kicked out of you. So at that point I grabbed his son's coat out of his hands and put his son's coat on him as a hint to GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!!!!! Finally they left and she was still throwing a fit.

Oh, and she is always trying to get my boys in trouble...and I actually almost believed her at first, until one day she was yelling from the daycare room that Tyler was bothering her and wouldn't let her on the slide, so I go in there, all ready to yell at Tyler and he's not in there...he's no where in sight, he's not even on the first floor...he's upstairs in his room!! BRAT!!!! I tried to explain to her that it is not nice to tattle and even more so, it's not nice to lie.

Oh and can we say her little snotty voice is like "nails on a chalkboard"!!!!!!!!!!
I love her, as much as I can, and I certainly don't want anything bad to happen to her, I just want her parents to whip her butt real good some time. Well, NOT gonna happen!! All I can say is...I only keep kids til their 5 so, I'm not going to have to deal with any of it after that, and I probably won't even be in contact with them by the time she is 10 and a super snot! SO...oh well, too bad...I'm laughing because these parents don't even KNOW what they are in for!!!!!!! This monster attitude has only yet begun!!

But again...YIPPEEEEEEE today was their last day and I won't see them again for another 13 days....whoohooo!! OH, and let me tell ya...I was seriously debating on giving her her Christmas gift today. I wanted to tell her that Santa told me that she was on his naughty list, but of course, I couldn't do that. So, I gave her her gift, gave her brother his gift and sent a little something home for her parents.
OH...ya, did I mention that grandma came to pick them up today...and is taking her to get her hair cut...isn't that precious? UGH!!!

On a brighter side...I only have 2 kids tomorrow and 2 kids on Thursday and then I'm done until January 3, 2006. yay! A break...a much needed break!!! Time to spend with just my boys!!! will be w-o-n-d-e-r-f-u-l !!!! And we have plans!!
We are going to hit the hills and go sledding (provided it snows)!! We are going to go see "Cheaper by the Dozen 2" cause 1 was just so darn cute!! Oh and because I think I can manage to sit through that without going crazy...unlike King Kong! Which by the way is like 3 hours long. NO WAY!!! I could never sit there for 3 hours watching that! Never! lol I would be asleep, in a braindead coma, or insane!

Speaking of rant for the day... I got my gas bill today....
Hmmm, 3 x's more than last month's bill. Now seriously, I haven't used that much more heat!!! Last month's bill was $63 ...this month's $180. You have to be kidding me right!?! I plan on calling them tomorrow!! We use gas only for heat...not hot water, just heat!! This week is the first week it's been real cold, like 0 degrees cold.
I've pretty much kept the heat the same each day, I can't see where it's jumped
3 x's in price in just one month! No way!

Well, I'm off to help Tyler with his laundry. He likes to put it in, but doesn't like to take everything out when they're dry. Must be genetic!

~5 more days...are you ready?~