December 18, 2005

5 weird things about me

Ok, so I tagged myself...from -This Mom Blogs- and here are my answers:

1. When I sleep, I have to have 2 comforters on top of me, (even in the summer) and I have to have them pulled up under my feet. I hate to sleep in a made bed that has the corners tucked under the mattress and I hate top sheets.

2. I buy ice from walmart and refuse to use the ice from our ice maker. I won't drink our city water, so why would I want the ice? It's just frozen city water!

3. If my bottled water is not drank within a few hours of opening it, I get a new bottle and use the rest to put in my dogs' water bowls. I don't want it, but I won't pour it down the drain.

4. Our bathroom on our first floor is used for the daycare bathroom, I won't use that bathroom. I will wait until the kids are down for nap or have my oldest watch the kids while I go up to my own bathroom real quick.

5. I rearrange the daycare kids' coats after the parents leave from right to left on who is going to be leaving first. They all have to be in order so whoever is leaving first has their coat on the end.

There are many more...but that should give you an idea of how weird I really am!