January 16, 2007


Let me start by saying I like Jewel. I respect her and admire her because even with her fame, she kept those crooked teeth. And I'm serious when I say that! I love when celebs keep what makes them, them. Like Kelly Ripa... she's not my favorite person and I find her annoying at times, but I admire her for not getting a boob job and staying "small". Anyhoo... back to AI... why is Jewel a judge? What is the point? It's just stupid! Is this just a one time thing? Let's hope! Cause oh my goodness, she would cause me not to watch!

So, I got a call back today from the hospital. They ARE interested in leasing space to me in their medical building. WOW! I'm shocked!! I was totally not expecting the guy to call back! He has given my name to a lady who is going to be working with me. So now I have another choice. Sometimes it's easier when you only have one choice, although I'm glad for two at this point. I know the lease is going to be about 3 times as much as the store I looked at. But, at least I have options. With a brand new bigger space, I could have a bigger daycare. That's scary!! My only thing is the financial backing! I know that my father could get a loan for as much as I needed, but I don't want to do that. Tomorrow I will be looking online for child care grants. I know they're out there! Now to find them and figure out how to get them.

After today, I'm shocked I want to continue doing daycare. Babies who are not full time and haven't been in daycare for the first 8 months of their lives and have a schedule that is not compatable with the daycare's, leads to a very stressful situation. Add the fact that they are sick on top of that and it's even worse. Not sure what I'm going to do. We didn't even get all our preschool stuff in today. That's not fair to my full time families who are paying for preschool! It's always something.

T2 had BB practice tonight. He got to wear his uniform (jersey and shorts) because they got their pictures taken. If you're a parent, are you like me and get suckered into buying way more pictures than you'll ever need? I have no backbone when it comes to pics of my kids. You should see all the sheets of pics I have from when they were little. I always spent way too much and got way too many pics but it's hard to say no when it's your kids!

Oh, and because I sometimes rag on my daycare parents, I think it's only fair that I give credit when credit it due... I have had quite a few sick kiddos in the last couple weeks and the parents have been so wonderful at keeping them out of daycare. Trust me, I haven't had the best of luck with this in the past, but now I have some parents who truly care about the other kids and don't want them all to get sick from their child. I appreciate that and I'm proud of all of them!

We got snow today... our first of the year/season.