January 9, 2007

Things That Irritate Me

These are just a few, (trust me - there's more):

-People who blog about their child's MONTHLY "birthdays". Oh my gosh... when your child is 43 months old, do we really need an update? I mean, my youngest just turned 120 months but you didn't see me writing out a whole darn post about it.

-Daycare parents who have a total lack of control of their children when they walk in the door to pick them up at night. Just grab your kid and get out of here, ok? If not, I will so have your child standing at the door in their coat and when you knock, out they'll go.

-25 year old "Anna Nicole Smith" wannabes with 75 yr old husbands who call my dad during dinner wanting to know if he will tell them how to set up their bluetooth. Then, when my father explains that he's at home and not the store but he'd be happy to help them if they'd come in to the store tomorrow (so he could actually look on the screen of the phone to see what was wrong), the little gold digger refuses and demands that my father go through the steps a million times over and over. Then, because most of her brain cells are probably filled with plastic like the rest of her body, she doesn't understand and calls back about 2 minutes after they hang up the first time and makes him go over it all again. And then asks stupid questions like: "Can I use this anywhere?" and "Do I have to answer my cell phone and bluetooth at the same time when it rings?" lol
This just proves once again that I am not meant for any kind of job that requires customer service. And you know what, that's ok! Because OH MY GOSH, I'd get fired left and right!

-Britney Spears. And whatever it is that she's doing/buying/wearing/not wearing. Don't care. Although when they showed the pool of her new mansion on tv last night, I said to my mom "How much you want to bet one of her kids drowns in that!"

-Spending more time on the computer than reading to my kids. ("Hello guilt, my name is Tonja and I'm a blog-a-holic!")

And with that, I'm off to read to my kids! (Although in my defense, I just spent an hour sitting at basketball practice, along with a 40 minutes drive time round trip - that has to count for something!)