January 8, 2007

I'm On Tiggers Side!

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I've seen the video, have you? Poor Tigger, he didn't do anything wrong! I'm boycotting Disney! (Just kidding, if we get the chance to go, we're going and I'm making my kids stand right next to the new Tigger and taking my video camera along! I mean, we want to be millionaires too.) Cause you KNOW these crazy people are going to get a nice settlement because of this. It's the great "American Way". *sigh*

My day was great today! Not too bad for a Monday. The daycare kids were good, I got to get out and do my grocery shopping for the week at about 9am when the store is empty. (love that) The kids all took good naps and I had quite a few
parents who were early at pick-up. Let's hope this is a just a taste of what the week will hold.

I got a nice letter from my Grandma today. It was sweet. You could barely read her writting but I got the jist of what she was trying to say. It's hard for me to believe just how old my grandparents really are. Where did the time go?

Speaking of time, where did it go with my oldest son? I can't believe he is turning 13 next month. NEXT MONTH! Oh my gosh. Tell me this isn't true. I have to be dreaming. I'm not ready for teenagers!

My 10 yr old is loving basketball (even though he's just had one practice). We have another practice tomorrow night. I'm hoping my dad gets off work early enough to go watch since he'll probably have to miss most of his games. T2 and his papaw are tight little buddies. Always have been.

Well, I'm off here for the night. I have to get up early again tomorrow. I started work at 7:30 this morning and will again tomorrow. I know that's not real early, but when you're not use to working until 11:00, it's early.

Oh ya... Go Buckeyes!!