January 5, 2007


Why do people get upset over things that another person has no control over? Why do they linger their silence so long that now, no matter how comfortable you use to be talking to this person, when they do finally decided to talk to you again it will be very awkward? Why do people do this? It makes no sense to me and I don't undertand it. But whatever.

Anyway... TGIF!

Today both my babies were horribly cranky. Not sure why as there were only 3 kiddos here and they got tons of attention. They were tired and irritable and just plain ticked most of the day. One good thing was that one of their dads came and got him 3 hours early so that was nice.

Monday a new daycare girl starts and I'm starting our preschool program. I'm excited. I love teaching preschool.Tomorrow I'm taking a trip to United Arts and Education. I LOVE that store. I could spend hours in there. I have a couple charts I need for our preschool area. I already have a weather chart and season chart, a cool map of the United States, numbers, letters, shapes, colors and all that fun stuff, but I want to look for a "Helpers" chart and some other things. I'll probably end up spending why too much money in there.

T2 has basketball practice bright and early tomorrow morning so no sleeping in for me. ugh This will be his first practice and I think the only Saturday one. He'll start having his other practices on Tuesday nights and then games on Saturdays. I have informed my daycare parents that I need everyone out asap on Tuesdays and late fees will be given no matter what the excuse. I have to draw the line for my child. I mean, he's stuck here all day with these kids, he deserves to have some freedom to do things. 5:30 starts my family time and I don't like to be mean about it, but I have to make the cut off at some point in the evening.

Well, I'm off to bed. I bought Season 5 of Will and Grace last night when we went to Best Buy and I haven't had time to watch any of it yet so I'll probably pop that in before I get into bed. Karen is so funny!