January 27, 2007

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

There's lots of "good"! Taylor's doing great in basketball and we're having a blast going to games and practices. Tyler's almost 13 and is a good kid. Both healthy. My parents are doing good, no major physical problems and they're both working. I am pretty healthy as well with great kids, wonderful parents, a close family, good friends and a pretty well paying job. What more can you ask for?

Now to the bad and the ugly... the "pretty well paying job", ya, I think I'd rather be homeless. (ok, so maybe not homeless, but maybe in a smaller home?) I'm about to lose my mind. And honestly there's just SO much I could share but:
1. I don't want to waste my energy, and
2. Who knows if any of my daycare parents read this.
I'm sure some of them do, and if you are the ones who are the reason I'll probably end up back on zoloft and 30 pounds heavier again... well, you, YOU can KNOCK IT OFF already!!! Good heavens people! Do you have anything else going on in your lives other than expecting me to be at your beck and call? It seriously is getting. out. of. control.

It must stop and if I have to look like the bad guy, so be it. I can't physically or emotionally take it. If there were only a few parents who were disregarding the "reminder" letters being sent home, policies, and overall general use of MANNERS and COURTESY it would be one thing, but this is becoming an every day issue. And when it starts interrupting my family time and weekend... it's a problem! Big time!!

This only makes me want to get the daycare out of the house and into a building even more, because with having it in a building, the cost of daycare goes up and although I am not silly enough to believe that people who make and will pay more money for daycare will treat me any better, I do however think that my policies will seem more valid if I'm not just "babysitting" out of my home and that I will have more authority to implement them.

I hope.