January 1, 2007

It's All About The Resolutions

This is the time for resolutions to be made. What will we strive to accomplish this new year? How will we enrich our lives? What are our goals for 2007?

Lose weight? Exercise more? Work harder for that job promotion? Build a better portfolio? Have another child? Fix a relationship? Go on a vacation?

I have resolutions of my own, but I'm not sure I want to pinpoint specific ones, not to mention I'm not sure I want to share them with the whole blogger world to see and keep track of. It's easy to fail when resolutions are made and let's face it, we have a whole 365 days to do so. That's a lot of time to mess up. Who needs that pressure?!

I think this year, I'll just play it by ear and see what happens. I know I'm growing as a person and I'm better than I was a couple years ago. Older and wiser right? Or maybe it's just that you get more comfortable with yourself as you get older?

Anyway... do you ever stumble across PBS television and actually watch it? I did today. They had Dr. Wayne Dyer on and I just have to say he is an amazing speaker. I've seen him before and was very impressed. If you ever get the chance to watch him or read any of his books, you should.

That is also where I came across a very heroic woman by the name of Immaculee Ilibagiza. Go HERE to find out more about her and the 1994 Rwanda genocide. She is just amazing!! She has a book called "Left To Tell", I am buying it this week. I think it will be a great unit study for our homeschool. We can also rent "Hotel Rwanda". I think my kids are old enough now to watch it and understand what's happening. This amazing lady, Immaculee, was trapped in a bathroom for 91 days. I'd like to come up with something for my kids to do or not do for 91 days. Any ideas? Please leave a comment.