January 31, 2007

This Better Work

So... I had to do it... I had to switch to beta blogger. Why? I don't know. Why didn't blogger just switch everyone instead of acting like we had a choice. DUH.

Anyway, I'm here, I'm not queer but get over it anyway.

Things are all on hold right now. In my life that is. I thought I had a plan, but now I don't. I'm so glad the Lord knows our plans. Now, if He could just share those plans with me along with a detailed map and message, we'd be set. But then again, all the work and adventure is the fun part, right?!

I guess the daycare is staying put for now. I have thought about it, prayed about it and I feel that with the money I'd be spending in rent, along with what I would have to pay out of pocket to fix the rented building up, I could use it towards my own house and not owe rent for the rest of daycare life. I think it's a smart decision. And no, I'm not a risk taker. Not with kids who depend on my income.

That's it for tonight... I have a huge headache, again... (I woke up with one this morning) so I am going to take an advil, get ready for bed and hopefully fall asleep pretty fast. Tomorrow is Thursday... all my kids will be here, I teach preschool and it's always a hectic day trying to get everything done.