January 13, 2007

Do Not Rent This...

"Idiocracy" = Horrible! Just take my word on this one!

So this morning, even though it was raining and I was all cozy in my two heavy comforters, I had to get up early. But it was worth it. T2 had basketball practice. Their first game is next Saturday so today they got to practice dividing up and playing an actual game. T2 has never played basketball before. He has had practice shooting and stuff, but not an actual game. I don't think he ever got the ball, but that's probably for the best as he had such a huge smile on his face that I'm not sure he would have realized what to do with it once he got it. He is one of those kids that some parents would probably get really annoyed with (and trust me, I've had to stop myself a few times) because he is just SO happy to be doing just about ANYTHING. He just LOVES life. So while he's caught up being so happy in life, his little mind tends to shut out everything else around him. I finally realized he wasn't ignoring me all the time and he didn't have a hearing problem, he was just so happy living and enjoying his little life and everything around him, that he honestly didn't even know I was around. Now that I understand that, I LOVE it!! And I love watching it. And it sure could teach a lot of people what livings all about. (Including me.) He definitely is one of those people who "stops to smell the roses". Or in his case stops to look at the tiniest bug or rock or blade of grass, cause it's ALL GOOD!! And it's all wonderful! He's so great and so honest and so wants to do everything right! On our way to anything that has a set arrival or start time, he'll ask every 5 minutes if we're going to be late. He hates to be late. He also took it upon himself to go upstairs alone tonight while everyone else was watching the movie. We just thought he was bored and wanted to watch cartoons. Well, he came back down about 15 minutes later and I asked what he was doing and he said he went upstairs because there was "just too much cussing" and "I don't need to hear stuff like that". Ok, OUCH!! That hurt! What a horrible mom I am! In my defense, I thought the movie was PG-13, but it's rated R. We didn't watch the whole thing anyway. How did a 10 year old get smarter than me? Not only mentally, but spiritually too?

And because I don't play favorites... T1 is a wonderful child too. A little more like his mom (Lord help us! lol) but very kind hearted and helpful! And wonderful with kids! He just got hosting for his very own website. Grandma helped him and because Grandma doesn't trust anything that has to do with buying or paying or giving out credit card numbers online, she sent a check for it snailmail. lol So, he's waiting for everything to clear and then he will have his very own website. Which is cool and as far as I'm concerned, totally a part of his homeschooling! And considering I have NO computer or website experience, and he hasn't had any sort of training or classes when it comes to these things, I think he's pretty darn smart to be able to figure all this stuff out!

I should find out this week what direction my daycare is going. There are some things to iron out, but we may be moving it out of the house and into it's own building. Nothing has been set in stone, we're still very much in the "pros and cons" process. But it's fun to think about!