January 6, 2007

Early To Rise

My day started out at 3:18 am. My dad (who has been sick for over a week) was up again in the night and went downstairs to sit up on the reclining end of our couch. Well, that's fine, he's got a horrible cold and can't breathe when he lays down. But, he turns the lamp on right by the couch. The light from that lamp goes right up our open staircase and into my room. Do you know what that does to someone who is use to waking up naturally when light comes into her room? Yep, it wakes her up. So, I woke up thinking it was morning and that I needed to get up and get ready to take T2 to basketball practice (until I glanced at the clock and realized it was only 3:18).

Do you know what happens when I have a lot on my mind anyway and then are awakened in the middle of the night? I stay wide awake and think about all the things that are on my mind. I think I finally got back to sleep around 5:30/6:00. Just in time for a couple more hours of shut eye until the alarm rang at 8:00.

And what exactly was on my mind you ask? Well, many things... but mainly I am dreading a daycare decision I made. I don't think it's going to work out and I have a feeling it's going to end badly. I know that's "putting the cart before the horse"... but in 7 years of doing daycare on my own, I have had these feelings before and I'm usually right. It never starts out good when a parent knows your daycare schedule but has her children on a totally opposite one and let's you know that she's not changing it and basically you'll just have to deal with it when the kids are at your house 10 hours a day. (which means it's going to be absolute chaos) It's also never good when they tell you that the mom can never be reached during the day, dad can't take off work ever and they have no back up care. UGH! Well, what are you going to do if your kids get sick? It IS cold and flu season and they can't come here sick. I'm just very nervous about this situation. Mom cops an attitude pretty easily anyway and I'm thinking that if things don't go her way that it's not going to be too fun. And in all honesty, the money is not worth the possible problems. I should have charge them a lot more but I was trying to be nice. I am dreading this. Big time! It's too much pressure and I hate being put under pressure. There shouldn't be this kind of pressure, I am the boss! This is MY business, I make the rules. Just pray for me. Thanks.

So we got up and went to basketball practice. My friend Rebecca was waiting for me and we sat and chatted the whole hour. She just had an ultrasound this past week and it's offical... another boy. This will make 6 boys - 10 years and under. She's due at the beginning of May and has the cutest little pooch. She's real tiny anyway and she's just got this little tiny stomach. It's so cute. We had a nice talk about pregnancy, birth, homeschooling, boys, etc... It was nice to sit and talk to another adult. I need to do that more often.

We got home a little after 11 and ate some lunch, then got ready and headed out. We went to the Teacher's Education store. It was busy and the people were not friendly, but I got some great stuff. They had the cutest little heart cardboard boxes for $1.30 each. I got 5 along with some red and white paint. I was looking for pink and then it hit me... DUH! white and red make pink. lol I also got some different sized foam heart stickers and some other puffy heart stickers to go on the boxes after the kids paint them. Of course this is for next month, but it never hurts to plan ahead. I was a little disappointed of the lack of "winter" things, so I didn't get much for this month, but I've got enough planned that we should be ok. I got a days of the week poster, some more ABC cards, a valentine poster, some extra numbers for our calendar, some stickers, a "Healthy Teeth" poster for next month (Dental Health Month) and took the weather chart and a couple other posters that I already had and got those laminated. OH and I have 2 clip magnets on the back of my door (where the parents come in) and they are shaped like little stick figure people, I use them to hang stuff for the parents to take home, well I found 4 more in all different colors. Yay! I have been looking all over for more of those.

Somehow the boys talked us into going to Toys R Us after that. I really dislike that store. But, we went anyway. It wasn't real exciting. They were out of everything from Christmas and didn't have any good sales at all. So basically it was just like all the other times we go into a Toys R Us.

After that I wanted to go to Goodwill to see if they had any scarves and hats. I need them for part of our "Winter" theme. I have tons of mittens and gloves but needed some hats and scarves. I wanted to use them as part of our gross motor skills by having the kids dress themselves in them. Well, they didn't have any. Can you believe that? What do people do with all their old hats and scarves? I did find a fishing game, it was new and they had quite a few of them all stacked in one section. Well, I'm glad it was only $2 because when we got it home and put a battery in it, it didn't work. Oh well. I did find 2 lamps for the boys' room. They are both the same as far as shape only one is black and the other is green. They were 99 cents each. They need shades, but a trip to Walmart should remedy that. T1 will get the black one and T2 will get the green one. (to match all his John Deere stuff.) They were both in perfect condition and you can't beat 99 cents.

I always feel dirty after I come out of Goodwill and it's not the store, and it doesn't matter which Goodwill I go to, I always feel like I need to wash my hands right away. Thank goodness for hand sanitizer. My mom went to the car ahead of us and by the time we got there she had her sanitizer out and was using it. The kids and I used ours right away too. T2 said he wanted a BIG glob of it. Wonder why that store makes you feel so dirty?

This evening I've been working on getting my preschool stuff up in the daycare room and finishing the last bit of our monthly activities. Tomorrow I need to run to Kroger and get some cornmeal. I'll put it in a plastic storage box and let the kids go at it. Add some plastic spoons and measuring cups and they'll have a blast scooping and digging in it. I though about using oatmeal too. We'll see which one is the cheapest and go with that. (considering I have a feeling half of it will end up in my vacuum cleaner. lol)

I think that's about it for our day. Not too exciting, but fun and yet pretty tiring. I'm not used to running all over the place. That's hard work!