January 28, 2007

Can I Get Another Day, Please?

It's almost over. My weekend that is. Although it's gone fast, it seems like it's really been very long. I guess that's because we went to Ohio today and road trips always mess me up like that. Like, it doesn't seem that we went to Taylor's basketball game yesterday, but rather a couple days ago. Anyway, I need another day cause I'm not ready to move on to another week. Nope. I want to spend tomorrow in bed! I love my bed.

So we got up bright and early and were on the road by 8:15. We went to Ohio for my grandma's 90th birthday party. I'm so glad we went. I hope that this is teaching my children the importance of family and even though sometimes you may not want to do things, you need to! My grandma was just grinning from ear to ear the whole day and I almost cried when she said she'd never had a birthday party before. The woman is NINETY and had never had a birthday party? Oh my goodness how sad! But, that's how she is... always worried about taking care of everyone else. So we had a great meal, and then had cake and had her open her presents. At the end she cried and gave this little speech about how she loved us all and how she always wanted children but were told she never could have them but then was blessed with three. Then she told us all how she prayed for us every day and it was just very sweet. I cried. And because that side of the family is so "non emotional", I think I was the only one. But I didn't care! I covet the prayers that woman has said for me. I know she's on her knees for her family daily and what more could you ask for. She claims this will be her last birthday. I think we'll end up throwing her another party on her 100th! And let me tell you, that woman is sharp as a knife! She said that was one thing she thanked the Lord for every day was that she still had her mind.

My family sees the other side of that on my mom's side with my grandpa having alzheimers. It's horrible to have to watch. The person is still alive, but they're not the person you use to know. It's heartbreaking to try and have a conversation with him knowing that he has no idea what you're talking about or who you are.

People should just not get old. At least not that way. Everyone should get to live until they're 100 and then just pass peacefully in their sleep. I'm so glad we won't have to worry about this in heaven.

Well, now I'm off to get all the daycare parents tax forms and yearly totals in order. Then I get to clean the downstairs, finish laundry and get ready for bed. Fun!