September 29, 2006

Almost Made It

Well, I almost made it through the whole week being positive. Until last night.

My mom is gone for 4 days so therefore I had to get up early today to get daycare kids. We work different "shifts" and I don't usually start working until 11:00 am, so having to work at 7:00 am is a little more difficult. Quit rolling your eyes and think about this... if you normally start work at 8:00 am, think having to start at 4:00 am ok. Can ya feel me now? Routine is routine whether it's am or pm and when that routine gets broken, my nerves go crazy. (And just so you know, one of the reasons I start work that late is because we homeschool and I teach my kids all morning. So there!)

So I decided I would try and get to bed early last night. Alot of good that did me. All I did was toss and turn and struggle to get to sleep. I think I finally dozed off around midnight. But I was up again around 2.

Taylor has been having major asthma issues the last couple weeks and he has been waking up struggling to breath and having to use his inhaler each morning between 5 -7 am. I always make him get in my bed after that so if something were to happen again or if the inhaler didn't do its job, I would be right there. Well, last night the boys wanted to sleep in my room so he was already in my bed which was a good thing cause I'm not sure I would have woken up that early. So I finally got him settled and breathing ok and back to sleep and I continued with my tossing and turning.

I think I finally got back to sleep around 4:00ish. Well about 30 minutes later I hear this *beep* ... *beep* ... *beep* ... It's the smoke detector in the hall. Right outside my bedroom door. So I laid there half awake until I got mad enough that I got out of bed, closed my bedroom door and turned the fan on. It was cold here last night and I still refuse to turn the heat on so having the fan on wasn't real fun, but how else are you suppose to drown out the sound. And of course the fan on "low" wasn't going to do that so I had to turn it on "medium". Yay, more cold air blowing over us.

Now it's about 4:45 and I'm wondering why I even tried to go to sleep in the first place. I knew it would be a hard night. I think I finally went to sleep around 5:30 and my alarm rang at 6:00.

Can I just say how happy I am it's Friday and that 5:30 pm can't get here soon enough?! I'll try to continue on my positive thinking quest, but I can't promise that will happen today. You know with 14 minutes sleep and all...