September 4, 2006

Labor Day

Not much going on here today. Haven't even been out of the house other than to run up to CVS and get some meds for my oldest. He thinks he has an ear infection. I got the normal Advil liquid and then decided to try some homeopathic stuff for his ear. (You can go here and find out more.) So far it seems to be working. He says his ear feels a lot better and hopefully we won't have to take a trip to the doctor tomorrow. As long as he doesn't get a fever, we'll just keep using this.

We're finishing up our kitchen today. The boys are painting right now and they're actually doing a great job! We have to get it done by Thursday as we are having family here this coming weekend. I really like the colors I picked out. I'll post pics (before and after) when it's finished.

I'm not looking forward to daycare tomorrow. Unless of course they had their "Monday" today. But, I doubt it. I know of two kiddos who had grandparents around all weekend so I'm sure there was lots of holding going on. I think that's great, but it's really hard when they come back to daycare and can't be held the whole time they're here.

Tomorrow we start homeschooling on a better schedule so I need to look over my plans for that. Thursday we go back to the homeschool co-op. I'm teaching a class this year. YIKES! Why oh why did I ever say I would do that?? I'm teaching Indiana History to 4th graders. What was I thinking?? I'm so nervous I get a stomachache every time I start thinking about it. Oh well, it's only for 13 weeks. I think I can handle that. Positive thinking...

Well, I'm going to go enjoy the rest of my evening. 7am will be here before I know it.

Happy Labor Day