September 27, 2006

Mindless Gossip

Because I have nothing else to post about...

Amazing Grace:
I love Nancy Grace, and as far as her questioning Melinda Duckett to harshly causing her to commit suicide... Ya, I don't think so. I think we ALL know that she had something to do with the disappearance or murder of her innocent 2 year old son.

Who's the Daddy:
Well, I guess we know now. Howard of all people. Who would have guessed? I was actually watching Larry King last night when he announced he was the father. And here I thought Kimmy was the daddy.

Fox Fight:
How about that Clinton/Wallace interview?? Well now what did you think was goign to happen when you put a "as far left as you can get" former President on a "as far right as you can get" news channel? I have to give props to Wallace for not punching ol' Clinton in the face when he tapped him on the leg. I don't think I could have shown that much restraint. Of course we also know that may have been a big production, planned and played out so that the Clintons "look" like they actually did something when they were in office and have every right to defend themselves. I mean if Hillary is going to be on the ballet in '08, they need to start winning over the democrats now.

Well, there's your mindless gossip for the week... hope you enjoyed it.

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Pea Pod said...

"And here I thought Kimmy was the daddy."

TOOOOO FUNNY!!!! I forgot about her!