September 19, 2006

Ok, Brr!!

I'm not sure if it even reached 60 degrees here today. I guess it doesn't help that I still have my a/c on. (duh!) I was hot all day while working, but now I'm starting to feel a little chilly as I sit down and relax. Speaking of 'chilly'... tonight we're having 'chili' for dinner... YUM! Can't wait. That will surely warm us all up.

Today was a hard day at work. Lots of unhappy little ones which makes for unhappy big ones. But we made it through and the rest of the week should be easier.

Taylor went fishing with grandpa today and caught a 5 pound catfish, a small bass and a turtle. All of which stayed right where they were caught and didn't come home. (Thank goodness!) I'm not sure who had more fun - grandpa or grandson. Good times!

Well, since I was up and working 3 hours before my normal time this morning, I'm going to go relax and enjoy my evening.

See ya later gators!