September 17, 2006


Because I have an awesome guy in my life who always tries as hard as he can... I got this today. Only mine is the silver and black.


Pea Pod said...

Ummm, where's mine dude??

Jenn said...

Hey I got on the day before Jackson's birthday not even kidding you, I love it!! Mine has that new patchwork look on the front and then just the c's like the one pictured on the back!! I love it so much, it goes with everything and was so excited, but I had so much going on I forgot to post it. There are like a few more I really like to!!

Happy Mom Tonja said...

Pea Pod - Well, you know what you have to do to get another one... lol
Are you even carrying yours or is it still in your closet??

Jenn - We'll have to get together for a Coach You can come too Gwen!!

Pea Pod said...

Yes, as Fall has approached I have resurrected the black COACH purse out of its dust bag!!! But you know the new one I want...oh wait, we are getting Tiffany's for Christmas this year!!! YEAH!!