September 8, 2006

The Fam Is Here

My aunt and uncle from West Virginia came in yesterday and will be staying until Sunday. Someone else who will remain nameless COULD have came too but noooooo he had to stay home with himself. BORING! Oh well, we'll have fun without ya!! (loser!) lol

We didn't do much last night... ate dinner and sat around and talked. My aunt and mom went for a walk and we watched some tv. My uncle cut down some small pine trees in our backyard that needed taken out. Of course Taylor had to help. He loves anything that has to do with working outdoors. Then we all sat and talked a little more and had some of the cheesecake my mom made. YUM! After that everyone was tired so we ended up going to bed pretty early.

Today we've been working around the house. My friend Rick came over and brought an extention ladder and some other stuff to help fix some things that needed worked on. We got the new tv and stand moved into the livingroom. My uncle climbed up to the second story to clean out the dryer vent. Hopefully now our clothes will dry a little faster.

I'm here with the daycare kids and my mom, aunt, uncle and the boys went to Fry's. My aunt and uncle had never been, and my kids love that store. I wasn't interested in going so I told them not to wait until tonight and just take off and have fun this afternoon.

Tonight we are going to Texas Roadhouse and then probably rent a movie or two. Tomorrow there is a huge festival/craft show in a town about 10 minutes away, so we're going to go to that in the morning. Not sure what else we'll do but we'll have fun whatever it is that we're doing. We always do.