September 14, 2006

This Is A Vacation?

So today starts my 4 day mini vacation...
Although I'm not "working", I sure won't be laying around.
I've been up since 7:00 and I have a ton of things to do this morning.

-7:00 am: Lay in bed for an hour - cause this is a vacation and because of my dream last night I was too horrified to move. I dreamt I had a baby, but it was absolutely painless and fast. The horrified part comes with the fact of having another baby not the birth itself. (Note to self: Quit watching TLC in the morning!)

-8:00 am: call and cancel the carpet cleaners.
They were suppose to come at 10:00 but with all the rest of the stuff I have to do, there is no way they can come today.

-8:30 am: try to eat something or at least drink some tea. Get on my daycare providers list and send out the daily bible verse, the "question of the day" and answer any mail from last night. Check favorite blogs.
(OH and blog this! Cause this is the most important thing I have to do today.)

-9:00 am : get in shower, get kids ready, get their breakfast, start laundry

-10:00 am: get to the library right as they open and grab a movie on Indiana History, or Johnny Appleseed or anything I can find that has anything to do with Indiana for the co-op class.

-10:15 a: get home, review the movie as fast as possible and make out a question worksheet for the class.

-10:40 am (at the latest): head to the next town over and get movie and worksheet to the co-op leader by 11:00.

-11:05 am: maybe get lunch?

Other "to do" things on my "vacation":

- Finish painting the kitchen.

-Get Taylor's rocket off the roof.

-Get the laundry all caught up.

-Clean bedroom.

-Give both dogs a bath.

-Figure out at least one fun thing to do with the kids this weekend.

-Relax (always last on the list right?!)


Jenn said...

Have a fun little vacation, sounds like today will be fun Ha! Cassi did great today, lets hope for more of these days!!!

Happy Mom Tonja said...

Jenn - Thanks... it was nice.