September 25, 2006

New Week

Happy New Week... Like my new look? My very talented son T1, found the header and he created the rest. What a nice son, eh!?!

Not much is going on here. I was in bed with back pain most of the weekend. Hoping that goes away soon, although I've had it off and on for a few weeks now. I think I need to find a chiropractor. I've tried advil and the heating pad and that's just not cutting it. Of course having to lift kids all day doesn't help either. I can pretty much handle it when it doesn't cause the major headache thing. That I can't handle.

Excited to watch the season premiere of '7th Heaven' tonight. Love that show.
Can't wait for CSI to return.

I'm now going to go look for my youngest... I'm pretty sure he's at the neighbors. He was suppose to take his cell phone, but such is life with a 9 yr old who's excited to play with his friends... I guess you tend to forget things.

Even though I'm in pretty much constant pain right now, I'm excited for life. I have some fun things to look forward to and a lot of great people around me.
(Now to just keep that positive thinking... lol)

Try thinking positive all week... that's my challenge to you.