September 11, 2006

Na na na na... Na na na na...

Hey hey hey... GOOD-BYE!!!

Good bye lousy daycare parent! Your 2 week notice this morning was the only thing you beat me at! I hope in your future daycare relationships you'll have more respect for the person who cares for your child while you work at Walmart all day. I also hope that you read the next Provider's daycare policies and respect them enough to follow them. Because as much as you'd like to believe the rules don't apply to you, they do. Although I'm sure bringing your child up to think they don't will be a plus once they get in school! And when it is asked that you don't ring the door bell and come in unexpectedly and wake up all the sleeping kids during naptime and you do it anyway, I can tell you that YES!, your provider isn't going to greet you with a big smile on her face. Who knows, maybe you can't read? I'm hoping that's the case considering you've broken so many of my policies in the short time you've been here. But whatever. And the next time you cop an attitude when I ask you for formula that you get FREE from WIC, so that I can feed your daughter while she's in my care, you can kiss it lady! And for the record, per my contract (that you signed and agreed to) you owed me the next two weeks tuition in CASH, not two checks (one post dated for next Friday - like that means anything). But because I want you gone as much as you want to be gone, I don't even care. I'm sure you feel like you've gotten another one "over on me" but that's ok because I know that's all you have in life and that's sad! Besides, just the fact that I only have to deal with you for 7 more daycare days makes it ok!