November 8, 2006

It's A Sad Day, My Friends

Waking up to learn that the Democrats have gained power is not a happy feeling. I blame this on the nonconfrontational Republicans and their unwillingness to get out and vote. And yes, I voted. Everyone in my house who could vote, did so. It's just not an exciting thing to know that their first order of business will be for, and focus on abortion (at ANY stage in pregnancy - how sick is that?!) and the legalization of gay marriage. And here they "claimed" all along it was about the war. Hmm. Guess not. Sad day. OH, and I must make another comment here and you can agree or disagree, but deep down in your donkey hearts you have to acknowledge this... with all the "gliches" at many of the polls yesterday, if Republicans would have taken the House, there would be some major drama, whining and protesting on the Democrats side. But us Republicans, we take the high road. What's done is done.

Anyway... on to brighter news. I decided to make it my goal this year to buy all my Christmas gifts online. I love that amazon gives free shipping (when you buy enough) and I got many of my gifts on there last year. Well, I thought that was what I'd do this year too until I started comparing prices. On two items that my son wants, I can buy it from Toys R Us and save $13 PLUS if I spend $75 or more (which I will) I'll get a $10 gift card. So far I have two of those coupons, so hey, that's $20 for another gift. Then I have another coupon for a $5 gift card if I buy the movie "Cars" at Toys R Us. Not a bad deal. Amazon can keep their free shipping. Although now I will have to go out and face the public, but I think I will be ok knowing that I'm saving money. I'm actually having fun finding the best buy and grabbing all these coupons. I was in CVS this morning and got a coupon on my receipt for a buy a Reeses Cup and get a "Big Cup" free, well of course I stopped and used it right away. I'm a sucker for free things.

We only have 2 daycare kids today... what a nice break. Now if they'll both take decent naps it will be a good day around here. I never heard back from that crazy lady about daycare. I don't think I would take her child now even if she did call. It's been too long and she's too weird. I don't need that hassle right now. The money wouldn't even be worth it at this point. I think I need my sanity more.

Taylor informed us that we're having a party tonight. We're renting "Cars", having nachos and cheese, popcorn and carmel cashew turtles. We really know how to party around here, don't we?! Call us "Party Animals".

You know what though, I love my life!!


Anonymous said...

So this is not the best time to tell you that I proudly voted for my Democratic Governor? I'm just have to vote for the person and not the party. Not all Dems are pro-choice just as not all Reps are pro-life....and that's why I can't vote straight ticket although all but one person I voted for on my ballot were Reps!

I feel my Democratic Governor has done WONDERFULLY in stepping up and recognizing the need in early education. If I wasn't a parent I probably wouldn't care that much but since 2003 we have come along way in educating, compensating, and fighting for our children and their teachers for ages 0-5 mostly but even K-12.

Happy Mom Tonja said...

Oh yes, and they have fought well. They now are teaching PreK grades about witchcraft and homosexuality and let's not forget the new "metal health" agenda where sooner or later all our kids are going to be on prozac. Yes, what a wonderful job they've done.

Funny how they fight for education but yet are all for killing children at the same time. Odd and yet a little sadistic, no?

And it's not the people themselves, it's what they stand for. You ARE voting for the party. I'm sure there are a lot of nice democrats, but I don't want them to run my country based on their standards. Majority rules.

Like I didn't know you voted Blue. I did, but I can look past that and love you anyway. I think!