November 1, 2006

It's November?

I can't believe how fast 2006 has gone. I can't believe Halloween is over and Thanksgiving is on its way. We don't have any plans for Thanksgiving again this year... just us, at home, alone. Boring! I should be using this time to volunteer somewhere, but I don't know where. I'm sure my mom will make a big turkey dinner and we'll have fun, I just miss the whole family getting together in Michigan and I miss going to the Fantasy Of Lights parade every year. What I haven't ever done is the Black Friday early morning shopping thing... and I seriously doubt I'll do it this year either. That just does not excite me to think about having to deal with the crowds of people that do that every year. I don't like shopping that much anymore anyway and I REALLY don't like crowds, so I think I'll just stay home and sleep in that day.

Ok, I figured out how to go Trick or Treating and have it be not-so-bad of an outting... you take your ipod! (Or you borrow your son's) It was great... I was walking along to JT and singing "I'm bringing sexy back... them other boys don't know how to act..." into my flashlight and the best part was that I was absolutely OBLIVIOUS to the world around me. Other than the cold air blowing in my face (brr) and making sure it was MY kid who was next to me, I didn't hear a thing. That meant NO KID NOISES - YAY!!! Don't get me wrong, I love what I do for a living and I love little kids, but after 5:30 pm I do not want to hear ANOTHER. CRYING. SCREAMING. KID. NOISE. Ask my parents... I refuse to go out to eat on weeknights because regardless of where we sit or who is in the place when we arrive, we will no doubt have 6 tables of screaming brats surrounding us by the time our order arrives. And after 5:30, I'm done hearing those kinds of noises!! Which could lead to a whole other topic/post of WHY parents aren't training their children to behave in public these days, but I'm too tired from last nights rocking out to care. And I'm hungry and there's a ham and cheese sandwhich waiting for me in my kitchen, and Y&R is on.

So, I'm out ya'll!!
Oh and P.S. - I have an interview tonight, pray it's a good match.
The lady actually brought her kids to trick or treat at my house last night. My mom was the "candy passer-outter" and I heard her talking to this lady and then I heard her say "Yes, Tonja's here"... so I went to the door and the lady just starts talking to me like I should know who she is and I just sat there looking at her like I had no idea... (which I didn't). Finally she told me who she was and that we had an interview scheduled and I was like "Oh, ok" (still wondering who the heck she was) and then it hit me and I tried to be all happy and inviting, but by then it was too late and she probably thinks I'm a total snob. But HEY how was I suppose to know. I was still in JT mode. I will apologize tonight. If they still show up. lol


i_am_Tyler said...

you are such a dork.

Happy Mom Tonja said...

but you still love me.