November 6, 2006

This Week

Has officially begun. Although technically it began yesterday. (Sunday is the first day of the week.)

We went to Muncie with my parents yesterday and stayed all day and went to morning and night church. While I was in church I closed my eyes and just envisioned the church full. They only have 10-20 people per service. The church was hit hard by the former pastor and all his IMMoral doings, so I can understand why they lost pratically all their members. I just wish people would give it a try and fill it up.

I decided last week that I am going to stay Nazarene. My kids are 5th generation Nazarenes and I'd like some sort of tradition/legacy for them to follow. So, we'll either be making the long drive to Muncie each week or we'll find a closer Nazarene church in our area. I really feel that I need something that already has a children's program so that my kids can benefit from it. Although I've also wondered if I shouldn't offer to start a children's program at my father's church. My kids are really the only kids who go there, but it would be nice to have something in place if they had any visitors with children. If that were the case we would probably move there. I would have to do daycare there and the church use to have a daycare and has a seperate building for daycare, but my dad said it has a horrible mold problem and I wouldn't want it. He also mentioned that it probably wouldn't be a good idea to start another daycare after everything that happened. So, with only negative thoughts on that, it makes me think that I'm not suppose to go there. I really like where I live and it really feels like home, but I would go if God said to.

So we got up early Sunday, got ready, let the dogs out, got them ready to go (they love going to Muncie) and left by 7:45. We ask the dogs if they "want to go to Grandma's house?" and they go crazy until they are able to get in the car. Chloe rides in her travel crate in the back seat between the boys and Andy rides upfront with me in the passenger seat on a blanket. He likes to ride in the front and usually lays down the whole way. The only time he gets up is to look out the window or to give me a kiss. We ran through Mc Donald's for breakfast, then went to my parents "weekend house" and ate. Went to morning church and out to Applebees for lunch. We were going to go to Cheeseburger in Paradise but we looked at their menu before we went in and didn't really think it was a Sunday lunch/dinner type place and my dad really wanted a good steak. I had the riblet basket, as usual. Their ribs were really good. Later that afternoon my mom, the boys and I went to Target, Starbucks and Casual Male (to find some pants for my dad). My dad stayed home and took a nap with the dogs. He said he'd been sleeping for awhile and Chloe jumped up on his lap and woke him up. She's like that... always has to have attention. She doesn't do well when we go away and will whine until I hold her. Since we shopped all day and were still there, we went to night church too. Taylor was so tired he laid down in the pew and slept the whole time. I wish I could have joined him. I was so happy to get home and get in my bed.

I had a daycare interview last Wednesday and the lady still hasn't made up her mind if they are coming here or not. I'm thinking that if it's taking this long then they won't be, I just wish they'd hurry up. I've already let her know I'm not holding a spot for her. I'm kind of leary of her anyway. When I asked if she'd need time to give her current provider notice, she said they weren't going to. That's just rude in my opinion. I wouldn't want someone to do that to me. I have the provider's number and I feel like calling her and warning her that they are leaving. I would want someone to do that for me. Although I have a contract that says they have to give me at least a two weeks notice, so I'm pretty much covered. She keeps emailing me with questions that were already answered at the interview, but I just keep answering them. If it wasn't close to Christmas, I'd just let it go and tell her I don't think we'd be a good match. Unfortunately I need the money so I'm having to suck it up, play nice and let her "think" the ball is in her court. And that's not pretty on me! At. All. I'll tell you what though... if she decides after all this that they're not coming here, I'm calling the provider and giving her a heads up that they're leaving. Would that be mean?

Well, I'm off to drink some orange juice and relax. I want to get to bed at a decent time and keep up with my sleep this week. I also am going to make myself remember to take my vitamins and wash my hands pretty much 24/7. All my daycare kids are sick with colds and we've been dealing with this on some level for over a month. I had something a few weeks ago so hopefully my turn is up. But, just in case, I'm going to do everything I can to prevent myself from getting ill. Why, you ask. Because this weekend I actually HAVE PLANS! I get to see my "niece" who I've never seen before. Oh and I get to see my bestest friend in the whole wide world of 16? 17? years. We are amazing friends because to anyone on the outside looking in, you'd think that if you put the two of us in a room together neither would make it out alive. To the naked eye, you'd never imagine that we could be bestest friends, but we are and yes, we are spoiled brats who disagree on many things, but we never really fight. We tolerate each other because we are truly bff. And always will be.


Anonymous said...

That's why God created more than one TV so we can watch the same thing but sit in different parts of the house and not always be together for two long summer weeks back in the day!

Happy Mom Tonja said...

You know it sista!