November 21, 2006

It's Party Time Here

Gobble Gobble...

We are having a Par-Tay here today. I have a little guy who seems to always miss out on all the fun because he is part-time and all the holidays (or days that we celebrate them here), tend to fall on the days he doesn't come. This year I decided we'd celebrate Thanksgiving on Tuesday instead of Wednesday so he could join us. We had our "Thanksgiving Feast" lunch, which included: Turkey, mashed potatoes, peas and macaroni and cheese. We read a Thanksgiving book before naptime and as soon as everyone is awake we're going to make and decorate Turkey Cookies. We will also be making Native American headbands with construction paper feathers and Turkey Handprints (only we're making our handprints with brown paint). We have another Thanksgiving story to read and then we'll watch A Rugrats Thanksgiving movie until the parents get here. Sound like a fun afternoon? Come join us!