November 16, 2006

God is Good!

He never fails. Everytime I need Him, He is there!

Again, for the second year in a row, (well, probably longer than that) He has provided me with what I need to cover the bills and make it possible for my kids to have a nice Christmas.

The kids that were here on Monday for the day; are back today, are coming tomorrow and all next week. Their mom called yesterday and asked if I could keep them on such short notice as she had a million things to do to get ready for the 20+ people that are going to be at their house for Thanksgiving. Of course I said I'd watch them! I also had 3 kids from another former daycare family here yesterday afternoon. Every little bit helps!

I'm so thankful, but there's also something in the back of my mind that is telling me to do something more than just give my kids a nice Christmas. Do I need to focus more on the true meaning of Christmas? Do I need to teach my kids something more about Christmas? I'm praying... and I know that it is going to be revealed to me soon. I am praying that I can give back what the Lord has provided for me. Maybe not with money, but perhaps with time or just with my effort.

Besides, there's nothing that we really need. We have more than we deserve now!