November 17, 2006

Again! UGH

I am sick... AGAIN! Why you ask? Because I have sick daycare kids and they just can't seem to get sick and better at the same time. It stinks I tell ya! One of my little guys is on antibiotics right now, another probably should be but heaven forbid his mom or dad take off work to take him and get him checked. I personally think he has an ear infection and if they all could just get on antibiotics at the same time and get better at the same time, maybe, JUST maybe we'd get some relief. So, I've been a big grouch today. Just knowing that I will probably end up in bed for the weekend makes me crabby. I like to have my weekends to do stuff too!

I didn't have any big plans, but I thought about meeting a friend tomorrow to watch the Ohio State/Michigan game. I just heard a few minutes ago that Michigan's coach just collapsed and died. How sad! Not sure of the details but they said that the game for tomorrow was still on.

So, I'm sitting here sucking down water and green tea, taking vitamins, eating healthy things like bananas and raspberries and trying to convince myself that I do not need meds to help out.

I am anti-antibiotic... especially for ear infections, but I can't tell my daycare parents what to do, so if all they're going to do is use antibiotics, then that's what they'll have to do. I did all the time when my kids were little. I wish I knew then what I know now! I think I'm going to try the h2o2 remedy. I'll let you know if it works.

OH and major bad news... they just opened a Mc Donald's about 2 miles from my house. It's gonna be so hard to be good!! Especially in the mornings! I love their breakfast! I wish they'd go organic!


Star said...

Hey girl! Bummer about being sick. Do you lysol everything when all the kids leave? I volunteer at the nursery at church every month and they use the clorox anywhere sanitizing spray. I too am battling a cold and I'm all about avoiding antibiotics and goofy medications from doctors. Check out for healthful natural remedies. For colds and flu he suggests taking Vitamin C until saturation.. which means until you get the runs or heavy flatulence.. very endearing, I know. I tried that and it works ONLY while you're taking it.. for awhile I was knocking down 5,000mg of Vitamin C every couple hours now I just need 1,000mg every couple hours. If all else fails use the Alka Seltzer plus Cold effervescent tabs. They're a GodSend some days! And take Nyquil before you go to bed and that will knock some infection out.
With the kids with the ear infection... maybe putting some hydrogen peroxide in the ears will help.. unless it's ALL the WAY down there... that's what happened to my husband and he's a believer in western medicine so he went o the doctor got some stupid antibiotics and now his back hurts... great. ::rolling my eyes:: Poor thing doesn't know any better and he doesn't understand that doctors are useless... oh well...

Star said...

Check this out:

I used Apple Cider vinegar all the time. I like it now.
You have to get BRAGG's Apple Cider Vinegar with the "Mother" in it.
The maple syrup has to be Grade B. It carries tons of vitamins and minerals in it.
Fresh Sqeezed Lemons is best but my health food store sells something that is pure organic lemon juice. Company that makes it is called Santa Cruz.

Fasting also may be an option but most western culture is just not jiggy with that.

check out for more information.