November 20, 2006

No Milk or OJ For Me, Thank You!

Well yay for the women who just HAD to make it known to everyone in Vermont that they can breastfeed. Good heavens ladies, are you so bored at home that you just feel the need to keep doing this? What's the big deal? A woman was asked to cover herself up on the airplane, that's just common courtesy to others around you. Again... I think it's great that women can nurse their babies, but do we all have to know about it? It's still a boob people, whether a baby's (or should I say a TODDLER'S) attached to it or not. Show some respect to those around you, and then maybe you'll get some back! I mean, this child was 22 MONTHS OLD!! Almost 2 years old!! This was not a newborn who needed to be nursed! This child was PLENTY old enough to have a sippy cup!! Cut the cord people!! At that point it wasn't even about nutrition or the fact that this child HAD to be nursed. I think we need to draw a line somewhere! And sorry, but I don't know too many 2 year olds who know the meaning of "discreet" and that's what you need to be if you're going to nurse in public. Again, respect of others around you, ladies!

As for OJ - I seriously hope that someone just takes him out! One part of me wants to boycott his interview and his "confession" of a book, but another part of me (a very sick part) wants to hear what he has to say and read his confession. I'm hoping that my Fox station will just decide not to air it. That would make it easy. And I probably wouldn't actually buy the book, but if my library had it, I may feel the need to check it out. I have read "Nicole Brown Simpson: The Private Diary of a Life Interrupted" quite a few times. I just feel so sorry for the kids!

On the daycare front... it's been a Monday, that's for sure. We have one who still has a runny nose and another who is teething and just miserable. Not a fun morning. Especially when you were up until 4am. ugh Well, I was up until 2am sanatizing toys and then it took 2 more hours for me to finally fall asleep. I washed down every toy and everything else in the daycare room. I took all the toys in the kitchen, filled one side of the sink with water and bleach and the other with just water, took a toy, dipped it in the bleach side, then dipped it in the water and laid it out on a towel to dry. I had towels everywhere. Then I took my lysol and sprayed down everything that's downstairs, including all door knobs. I pretty much spray my lysol each night anyway, but thought I'd do that again just to be sure. Of course all the blankets were washed (as they are every weekend) and I cleaned the pack n plays down real good too. All I have to say is that whatever germs we had, they should be gone now!

I wish parents would make tons of noise from the moment they bring their kids home from the hospital! That way these kids would know how to sleep through noise. ugh I have two kids who are up and it's only 1:30. One was in the other room crying and the one out in the living room heard him, so of course he has to chime in and start crying too. Then I have another one who can sleep through anything. He's in the middle of these two and he's just sleeping away. You can tell which parents make noise at home and which ones tiptoe around the house. I decided when I had my kids that we'd keep the same noise level we always had and if I needed to run the vacuum while my kids were sleeping, I did it. Of course now neither one of them can wake up to an alarm clock, so maybe I over did it there. lol Of course one of these little guys who are screaming at the moment (the one who thought he needed to join in) is way to spoiled anyway. And thanks to my mom, he's been too spoiled here. I love my daycare kids, don't get me wrong, but I don't spoiled any of them. It's daycare, you have to do what we do during the day and screaming isn't the answer here. It's not going to get you more on your plate at lunch and it's not going to get you out of taking a nap like the rest of the kids. Life just doesn't work that way. Trust me, these people are lucky to have their kids here, they get taken care of very well!!

Well, I really need a chocolate fix, so I'm off to grab some Annie's Organic Chocolate Bunny Grahams... if you haven't had them, you should try them. They're good!


Anonymous said...

Here you go. You got your wish!!

Happy Mom Tonja said...

Yes, I was happy to see that.