November 4, 2006


I love Saturdays. Today I was up by 8:30 but didn't get in my shower until 11:15. Then I was hurrying because I had to get to the bank by 12. I had to go to a different bank to cash the people's check who only came on Monday and quit on Tuesday. I just wanted to make sure the check was still good. I've had people cancel checks on me in the past so I didn't want to take the chance of depositing it into my account. I was happy to find that it was a good check.

I was going to try and go shopping with my friend Jenny today, then the phone rang and it was a friend of Taylor's. I had forgotten that I had told him on Thursday that they could get together today... So I went and met his mom at 1:00 to pick him up. She'll call later and come and get him. They are outside playing right now. Levi (Taylor's friend) is alot like him. Very easy going, loves everything the world has to offer and is just a really good kid. I'm glad Taylor has friends to spend time with. I know they say that socialization is a huge problem in homeschooled kids, but I disagree. Yes, my kids have a smaller group of friends, but they are still socializing. And I'm sorry, but I would rather have them socializing with a small group of well behaved kids than a huge group of kids in public schools who aren't being taught manners, morals, or how to act appropriately. What's the big deal? I don't have a huge group of friends, but the friends I have are good friends with good morals. I pick quality over quantity.

Well, I'm hearing banging out in the garage so I better go be a good parental figure and see what's going on.