November 24, 2006

Black Friday

Am I shopping today? Did I get up at the crack of dawn to fight the crowds? Heck no. I'll sit at my computer in my pjs and shop online where the lines are short thank you very much. Although I have a feeling that at some point today I will end up being dragged out into the den of terror. I really need to get my hair cut and so does my youngest, so... I'm sure at some point I'll have to venture out into the deep darkness of Black Friday.

We had a nice day yesterday. It was just us and my parents. My mom cooked more than enough and it was all good! I made green bean casserole. I used whole green beans instead of french style, but I think next time I'll use the french style.

Actually, my day yesterday was rather productive. I cleaned out the kids' closet. Took all the "too small" clothes and put them in a pile out in the hall for Goodwill, took T1's "too small" clothes and put them over on T2's side, cleaned and rearranged their dressers, and did tons of laundry including both the boys' bedding and comforters. Poor T1, there is a bad side to being the oldest... we counted up his winter shirts and he's got about 12... counted up T2's, he's got 44!! Yep, 44. More than me!! How sick is that? And the funny thing is that kid could care less what he's wearing, if it matches or if it's in style. T1 on the other hand is very picky about his clothes, but I have to say he's got good taste for a boy. He likes basically whatever is "in". Right now he loves Tony Hawk clothes. OH and of course Abercrombie and Fitch. (maybe that's why he's only got 12 shirts! lol)

Today I have to clean the bathroom upstairs and maybe think about working on my room. UGH... my room is gonna take days. Maybe I should wait to start that during the week I have off for Christmas.

Well, I've just been told that we ARE going to journey out into the crazy retail world today, so I better go get into my shower. Have a great Friday!