November 13, 2006

Now What?

I have a housefull of kiddos today. I've been up since 6:30. Had breakfast, been to the bank, changed two diapers, played with puzzles, shook the rugs and actually had time to get online to make this entry.

I have 2 kids here today that I watched last year. Their mom is a stay at home mom but she got very ill for about 6 months last year and was so weak she could not care for them herself. A former client that goes to their church recommended me and so I had them for quite a while. Unfortunately it's under sad circumstances that I have them today, but it's nice to be able to see them again. They're real cute and at the age that I love (preschool).

So I saw my best friend and her daughter this weekend. It was a short but sweet visit. We picked up Applebees for dinner, took lots of pictures and just hung out. We'll have to get together again soon, and for a little longer next time.

Yesterday we ended up going to Muncie again for the day. We went to church in the morning and did some Christmas shopping in the afternoon. I got quite a bit of my youngest son's done. He stayed at the house with grandpa while me, my mom and T1 went out. Right before we left I realized we did not have his inhaler. T2 had taken it out of my purse and not put it back. Luckily my mom had kept some Benedryl there, so I got that out and told my dad if he had any problems he could have that. I also said that he probably needed to make sure that he dind't run around or get too active. So, me my mom and T1 go on our merry way to do out shopping and are at Best Buy when I get a call from T2. He's wheezing and wants to know where his inhaler is. I calmly tell him we don't have it and to have grandpa help him with the Benedryl. Thank goodness we were at the check out and less than 5 minutes away. So I'm on the phone with him, talking him through his breathing, having him go outside and breathe in the cold air, etc. When we get to the house, he is doing much better. As we're talking about the situation my dad chimes in and says he missed half the Colts game because he took T2 over to the playground. Umm, didn't I tell someone to make sure my son didn't get too active? But of course it was T2's idea and grandpa can't say no to his grandson... so what are ya gonna do?! I decided after that, that T2 needed to rest and take a little nap. I laid down with him and slept until 5:30. We left about 6:30 and I came home and cleaned up for today and went to bed. I do have to add that I was very disappointed with Toys R Us. They didn't have hardly anything that was on T2's list. Best Buy on the other hand was a shoppers dream come true. We walked in and the guy at the door asked if we were looking for something specific, I told him what we wanted, another guy said he'd take us right to them, we went there, they had the exact one. Then he showed us the games that went with it and they had the exact two that Toys R Us didn't. We were done and at the check out within a matter of minutes. It was wonderful! I'd have to say it was my best shopping experience to date!

There were about twice as many people in church yesterday than there was last week. Very exciting! I hope that church just grows and grows. They have such nice people there. It's a very comfortable church. You can go there and just be yourself. The way it should be.

Well, guess I'll go help my mom with the kids. Have a wonderful Monday!