March 3, 2007

3 Nights

Of sleeping on my back wrenching bed... counting down, hope they get my new mattress in on time. Today and tomorrow I HAVE to work on my bedroom. It's a mess. They won't be able to get the bed in there if I don't work on it.

Still trying to decide if I want to go blonde again. I've been blonde from the time I could get my hands on a box of coloring (which was about age 13/14). I also used that all so healthy sun-in... I'd put it on and rev up the hair dryer. Well, for the last couple years, I've kind of let things go. I've still kept up with the highlights but now that my hair is back down to the middle of my back again, I'm thinking of chopping it and going all blonde again. It's just so hard to take care of when it's so long.

We woke up to a dusting of snow. I had to go to the bank and get gas before going to T2's basketball game. Needless to say I was rushing around like a mad woman this morning. Next week is T1's last game. So sad! They're so fun to go to. I've tried to get him to sign up for baseball, but he won't. He says he's "retired" from that sport. I blame that on the coaches he had last year. (Well, the ones he had for the first couple practices before he begged to quit - well, that and the fact that he was 9 and they put him on a team with 7 yr olds). I just feel like it's important for them to be involved in something since we homeschool. T1 isn't into sports which is ok, not everyone is, but I really need to find him something to do. We're not going back to co-op this semester so I really feel out of the loop. It's much harder when you're a single mom! Not trying to play that card, but it's the truth.

I watched 'Little Miss Sunshine' last night. It was ok. The ending was good.

After basketball I came home and made lunch for me and the kids. We had a thin crust 5 cheese pizza, fried mushrooms and cucumbers with ranch dressing. It was pretty yummy if I don't say so myself. I think for dessert I'll have some mocha mudslice ice cream. yum-E!

Well, gonna go get my dessert, finish watching 'You, Me and Dupree', then start on my room.

Have a wonderful weekend y'all!