March 30, 2007

It Really IS a good day!

I just have some complaints...

1. I was VERY diappointed that Peyton Manning had to be bleeped so many time during SNL last Saturday. I thought better of him. What a nasty potty mouth! Didn't he learn anything from having a wonderful coach like Tony Dungy? I know he taught me a lot and I'm not even a huge football fan. (Meant to post this earlier this week, but I was trying to be good and keep my complaints to myself!)

2. Although I have stopped leaving negative comments on most of the blogs I read, I really had to control myself today... a woman was talking about her mishaps with a milkshake in the car last night and talking about how her husband was throwing this out the window, grabbing the lid off her son's icecream and throwing it out the window, then taking the milkshake they were having so many issues with and tossing it out the window... HELLO Litter Bugs!!! You guys totally deserved to be drenched and sticky for the rest of your evening drive! (sorry, I have a big issue with people throwing trash out their car window, on the ground, etc. - it's just irresponsible!!! Put trash where it belongs!) I bet you're also the same kind of people who walk your dogs but don't pick up their poop! You do NOT rock!

3. Daycare parents who get off work early on Fridays but keep their kids at daycare all afternoon. I know I'm getting paid for it so I'll shut up, but it still bugs me.

4. Carpet cleaning idiot salesmen who feel the need to BANG loudly on your front door right in the middle of the daycare's naptime, not once, BUT TWICE!! By the second time, I jerked the door opened and yelled at the poor kid that "I have a baby sleeping and NO, NO I don't need my carpets cleaned thank you!" I think the reason why I got so angry was because these people do this about every 6 months or so. Click here: Remember This!? (2 other times these people have irritated me. UGH!) I really DO need to get that No Soliciting sign!

5. I'm afraid of marriage, oh yes I am! I have an awesome day picked out too. July 7th. 07-07-07 How cool would that be? And we could have the wedding at... you guessed it 7:00 pm. Ya, I'll keep dreaming. But anyway, wanna see the dress for laughs and giggles? No? Ok... never mind. I'm sure that would just TOTALLY jinx it more than giving a date already has. (Do I do this on purpose???!!!)

6. Easter with older kids who are asking for things like basketball hoops and digital cameras. It's EASTER for goodness sakes. The sad thing is, they'll probably end up with these things. WHY? Because when your kids get too old for the cute little easter egg hunt, bubbles, coloring books, sidewalk chalk and carrot shaped bubble gum... You do these things! Although I have to say, I will NOT... repeat NOT... miss finding that nasty Easter grass all over the house weeks afterwards!

7. There is no 7! I like to keep my complaints at an even number!


Anonymous said...

good thing that the bracelets haven't arrived yet....

can you guess who i am?

Happy Mom Tonja said...

yep... i sure can! :o)