March 7, 2007

I Did Get Up!

So, we got the couch, the chair, and the mattress yesterday. My mattress is super comfy but I had a hard time getting to sleep last night. For one, I was about 2 feet higher in the air than normal and I also kept feeling like I was in someone else's bed. I am NOT a good overnite person, I don't travel well and I sleep even worse in someone else's bed. I woke up about every couple hours last night feeling like I wasn't in my own bed. BUT... I didn't wake up with a headache, so that's great!!

I thought maybe I'd want to sleep in, but I actually felt very well rested and was more than ready to get up at 6:30am. I didn't want to get too crazy, so I didn't get out of bed until a little after 7:00. And, since I don't work until 10:30, what's a girl who gets up so early to do?? Well, go shopping of course. So a little after 8:00, the boys and I were off to Walmart. Remember how I told you how awesome it is to go early in the morning... yeah, still awesome!

I got my new mattress covers. I actually got a vinyl one and then a waterproof/cloth mattress cover. Little did I know that the cloth one had plastic on the back. So, now I've got the vinyl cover and the waterproof one on. Send your bed wetters over cause NOTHINS get through these babies!!

Can't really talk too much about the new furniture because I think I've only sat on the couch for a total of 4 minutes since yesterday. Little known fact about daycare providers, although people call us babysitters, we do little sitting!! My kids seem to love the couch though and my dad has had a good amount of time to make friends with his new recliner. He was off work today so other than running some errands, that's were he was.

T2's last basketball practice was last night. They decided to scrimmage against the 3rd and 4th grade GIRLS!! Oh my gosh... you have never seen a group of boys so intense! Everyone was commenting on how after only 20 minutes they were sweating more than they do during a whole normal game. It was hilarious. At first, they were being gentlemen, letting the girls get away with things they never would have let each other get away with, but then after about 30 minutes I don't think they saw them as girls anymore. T2's friend was keeping score and would gladly announce it whenever they switched players. (they played 4 on 4) The last I heard it was Boys-44, Girls-13. The lady who runs the league came by and told them they didn't keep score and they needed to stop. So, they did, and no one knew the ending score. Cause even though they STILL could have kept track in their heads, they didn't. Cause they're good boys like that! I almost took my video camera, I wish I would have! That would have been some major bribe material for when T2 gets older. Oh well, that's ok... I've got pictures.

My mom and T2 are at the store and then picking up KFC for dinner. I love their cole slaw!! I hope they get home soon!

Upcoming posts will include: my dislike for a certain Presidental hopeful, how to get corn and sweet potato baby food out of your favorite baby blue faux Juicy pants, and why or why not to post on craigslist.