March 5, 2007

Thinking Positive

What's all the "The Secret" mumbo jumbo? Is the book ok, or is it new age? If it's new age, I'm not even going there. Although I have to say some of the things they teach are remarkable. I was reading a book last summer about thinking positively and it really worked. Every day after work, I would sit outside in the front yard in my chair and read this book. When I got to the part about thinking positive and opening up yourself for positive things to happen, I would look as far as I could out into the horizon and think positively about new clients for my daycare. At the time I really needed to fill some spots badly. I SWEAR to you, not 2 days went by and I had 2 interview set up and got them both. It works people! It really does! I may have to stop by amazon and see if I can find out more about this "secret". Of course I KNOW the Lord had something to do with this too!! I prayed while thinking positive and I think the Lord would want us to think positive. I certainly wasn't chanting to some celestial god or anything.

Today was an ok Monday. I've had worse. Monday's are slow right now so they're pretty easy. Tomorrow will be a full day. Everyone seems to want Tuesdays and Thursdays for some reason. Hey, if I could get enough part timers, maybe I'd only have to work 2 days a week. THAT would be nice. But I can't see that happening... OH DARN... I need to think positive. Seriously though, I have been thinking about going to just Monday thru Thursday. I only have 3 kids on Fridays and if I could get enough part time clients who didn't need Fridays, I'd have myself a nice 3 day weekend every week. WOW that would be nice. Thinking positively...

This is interesting...
I consider us "unschooling homeschoolers" (if there can be such a thing) a lot of the time, because although we do something educational every day, we don't have a set schedule. How can I? I work. I'm doing the best I can with what I have and my kids are not stupid or falling behind. No, my 10 year old is not at a 7th grade level, but hey, you know what... I'm ok with that! I'm not trying to raise overachievers. I don't believe in that. When the time comes, it will be revealed what their gifts are, some already has. T2 is great at Math, T1 isn't. T1 is great at Spelling, T2 isn't. I'm not forcing anything on my kids! I think forcing only pushes them back, not forward. Do they need the basics, Yes! absolutely and they get that. Am I trying to get my 10 year old to learn algebra right now? Nope, cause he's not ready. And if you must know, neither is my 13 year old. And say what you will, but I'm not pushing it and that's my decision. Like it or not. Frankly, I'd have to sit and think a long time before I could tell you the last time I used algebra in my every day life. They'll get it, it's just not my first priority right now! They have amazed me in the last year at the things that they know... and I have to say to myself "when did we learn that?" because a lot of the time, I hadn't taught it yet.

Anyway... getting off my soapbox... getting ready to have a great evening (it's that thinking positive thing again)... OH and I have to clean my room TONIGHT... it's my last night with my old mattress and as stupid as it sounds, I'm emotional. There are so many memories! Get your head out of the gutter! I was thinking more along the lines of ... I had that mattress before my kids were born which means that I shared that bed with both of them when they were babies and still do if they're sick or scared or just want to cuddle. I went into labor on that mattress with T2. I laid on that mattress and stared at both of them when they were just days old wishing I could capture that moment and go back years later. That mattress has a lot of memories attached to it. I may even get a little teary tonight if I think about it hard enough. I'm such a train wreck of emotions. LOL