March 14, 2007

Chocolate Chip Birthday Cake

First off, Happy Birthday Mom! Hope your cake is good!

What a week. I'm battling my headaches again. I had a super bad one last night and I blame it on sitting at Taylor's basketball awards ceremony for 2 hours. It was fun though. They had there. He was really good and it was a nice time. I just sat too long. It almost feels like sinuses so I went to CVS today and got the good stuff that they keep "behind the counter". You know the stuff you have to show your license and sign for. Well, for most people pseudoephedrine probably does what it's suppose to do, clears their head and they go about their day like normal people. Not me... I get HIGH!! I guess maybe because I never take any kind of medication for anything. I must have a low tolerance. Whatever the case, today was nice. Although I hate the tired feeling that I get even though the box says "non drowsy". Right. Hey, maybe I should take some before bed tonight.

Well, gotta go... time for some birthday cake and AI. Why I watch, I don't know. HEY, maybe this is the reason for these headaches? They did start about a month ago...