March 24, 2007

I Have Bad Taste... most of the movies I've rented lately. WHY? I've been picking the most boring movies. Tonight... we're watching "Stranger Than Fiction". Oh my gosh can you say YAWN? It's horrible. Oh well, I'm just passing the time until our Peyton Manning hosts SNL. That should be funny.

Today was beautiful out! It was in the 70's and I was ready to GET. OUT. I packed the kids in the car for what I thought was going to be a fun adventure. Nope. T1 didn't want to have any adventures today. Doing anything outside is not exciting to him at this point. Sorry, but when it's nice out, you need to be OUT! So, my plans of going to get lunch, taking it to the park, and playing a little basketball were dashed by a moody teenager. I keep forgetting I have a teenager until moments like this. So, we grabbed lunch and drove through the park scoping out the water damage since we have so much flooding in our area. The play places were a mess, but the basketball courts were ok. When we passed by there were a lot of guys already there so I asked T2 if we could just go home, eat and then come back later and that's what we did... minus the moody teenager.

So we went back to the courts. There are 4 all together. I played a round of "horse" with T2 and I won. Cause I play like that. I don't let my kids win everything. That's silly! Then I decided I needed to sit on the bench and just enjoy the wonderful weather. In the meantime, T2's just hooping it up himself until two other boys came along. They were probably at least 13 or 14 yrs old. Well, the one who thought he was hot stuff couldn't make a basket to save his life. Meanwhile, T2 is just shooting them in left and right. Mommy was proud. Don't get me wrong, these boys were nice, it was just funny. And I think one of them cussed, which sort of ticked me off, but whatever.

After that I took T2 to DQ for a blue-raspberry slush. I got a mint oreo blizzard. Did I call and ask T1 if he wanted anything? Nope. Cause if you don't roll with us on our outings, you don't get ice cream. (Oh don't feel too sorry for him, he got a Mc Flurry earlier.)

I didn't feel like making dinner, so we ordered pizza. Now we're watching this boring movie and passing the time until SNL.

And no, I didn't go tanning today. I'm so bad. How dare I put having fun with my kids first?!