March 26, 2007

Deal or No Deal

Don't care for the show that much, but find myself watching it every Monday night. People are greedy!

When do you speak up and say what you're thinking? I have a problem with this because I'm a loudmouth sometimes. I'm outside today and this guy is walking his dog. The dog is clearly not leash trained and the guy is clearly not trained in dog training. He is beating the dog to try and get him to walk right on the leash, not to mention choking the poor thing in the mean time. So every other step the guy is bending down and smacking this poor little thing. He gets in front of my house (but across the street) and not only walks through my neighbors front yard, but also picks up a stick out of her yard to, yeah you guessed it, use on the dog. I think the guy needed the stick used on him. I sat there talking loudly to myself about everything I was seeing and how horrible it was, but he never even looked over. UGH! This is why I stay in my house. People don't know how to act!

Yesterday we drove through the park and some lady had her two huge dogs locked in one of the baseball fields and was letting them crap all over the place. Did she have a doggie bag with her to clean it up? Nope. She was just letting them run all over the place while she just stood there looking stupid and irresponsible! I wanted to yell out my window that she needed to clean up her mess and that little kids play there, but Kenny Rogers was on and I was deciding if I should hold em or fold em, walk away or run. Again, people don't know how to act!

Then, I have this daycare mom who clearly is not in a hurry to get anywhere on Monday and Wednesday mornings. Today they were over an hour late. And why does this irritate me, because I end up paying my mom for a wasted hour with no kids here. Plus, my mom got up and got ready to get this kid and he didn't show. They called, but still... if they know they're not going to work first thing in the morning, it would be nice if we knew the night before so we wouldn't be getting up an hour early for a no show. When you're the first family to arrive in the mornings, it would be nice if we knew you weren't coming. Especially when the next family doesn't drop off until an hour later. The dad did apologize tonight at pick up and I could tell he felt bad. I wasn't upset at anyone, I just wish we would have known this before 15 minutes before they were suppose to get here. Oh the drama of daycare. lol

Oh well, I have my own drama to deal with right now and it's personal. OH is it personal! And I'm not sure the person causing it really knows just what he's up against. But he will. OH he will!