March 2, 2007

These Are Not The Days Of Our Lives

I have a secret. I am a little addicted to The Young and the Restless. I'm pretty sure this would not be considered good Christian tv viewing, but I can tell you it's not as bad as most of the prime time shows these days. Which doesn't make it right, but anyhoo... there are things that crack me up about it. Like how no one really works, how everyone is somehow connected to everyone else and how the dead always seem to come back years later. It could almost be in the comedy category and not daytime drama. Whatever the case it's always a good time. I put the daycare kids down for their naps and eat my lunch while watching all the drama unfold.

Today's been an easy day so far. I only have two daycare kids today. Both are really easy to watch. T1 and I ran to the store this morning to rent our movies for the weekend. At our Kroger they have one of those machines where you can rent movies for $1. $1 per movie... that's so cheap. Today we got "Flushed Away" for T2, "You, Me and Dupree" for T1 and I got "Little Miss Sunshine". It's rated R, so I'll watch it unless it starts getting bad. I'm not even sure what it's rated R for, unless it's for language. We'll see. When we rent movies at the video store it's $3 just for one. This way we're still spending the same, but we all get to pick out a movie. And it's so easy. You just use your debit or charge card, swipe it and the movies come out of the machine. And you get them until midnight the next day.

Before we left my mom gave us money and told us to get McDonald's for everyone (her, us and the daycare kids). I swore I was going to be good and get a salad but when I got there I totally spaced it and the girl was rushing me through my order so fast I just picked the usual value meal and went with that. It was gross! But I'm happy that I'm not able to eat it like I use to!! Hopefully next time I'll think about it before I order. The last couple times we've gone I've been real good and got the chicken snack wraps but today I just wasn't in the mood for one.

Last time I was at the store I got the Morning Star veggie sausages. I had those for breakfast this morning along with a scrambled egg and wheat toast. They were pretty good. NOT regular sausage, but not bad either. I've managed to switch from bacon to turkey bacon without gagging too much but I have to be honest, the good stuff does NOT taste as good as the bad stuff!! I just keep reminding myself that a little good taste isn't worth bad health. I'm just glad I'm not craving the bad food as much as I was.

I think the more good/organic/healthy foods you eat, the less you have those unhealthy cravings. At least that's how it's been for me. Plus it's fun to try and find healthy recipes and new foods.