March 23, 2007

Just Thinking

I got a new computer yesterday. Well, my dad got it for me. Thanks dad! (Well, and mom!) It's odd how the newer computers colors are not the same as the older ones. Like, I thought my blog was all cute browns and baby blues.... yeah, not on this computer. The baby blue color looks like a nasty aqua greenish blue color. Not at all the color I was going for. T1 said it's because we have Internet Explorer 7. Hmm, I'll have to figure out a way to change that. I do however LOVE my new flat screen monitor. It's so big and bright though. My eyes really hurt after being on for awhile though. I had my choice of a PC or laptop. I chose a PC. I guess I could have gotten a laptop, but my mom and dad both have one, so really if I ever go anywhere and need a computer I can always borrow one of theirs. Actually, I'm on my mom's laptop right now... lol They are in Michigan and of course T1 won't get off our new computer, so I took my mom's and brought it into my room and I'm sitting on my bed blogging and watching the news.

Hmm, there's a story out on CNN that alcohol and tobacco are more dangerous than pot. What did I tell ya all? I'll have to find that post I wrote about weed a long time ago. I'm not telling anyone to start smoking it, I don't and don't plan on starting... I'm just saying that I think if we got down to the real statistics, there have been way more deaths due to alcohol than marijuana. Again, please know I am not condoning it, I'm just stating a fact... America is ALL about the money. Alcohol and tobacco make millions. Oh well, I'm really not trying to make a point here. I'm just thinking out loud. It's more of the big picture.

And can I just add here that I do not believe Rachel Ray is a size 4!! I've been a size 4. That's thin. Rachel Ray is too meaty to be a size 4. Rosie needs to shut up! And Barbara needs to take her talk show back. I saw something about how Rosie is calling all the shots on that show and even telling producers who they can have on and who they can't. My goodness people is she that intimidating? She's gross is what she is!

Well, how nice... they are hiking up the price of birth control pills for college students. Some going from $15 per month to $45. And the point of this is... OH, wait, we already covered that... it's all about the money in America. I'm just wondering if they're going to use any of this extra money to help build the on-site daycares they're going to need. I really need to turn the channel!

Ok... so Step By Step it is. I haven't seen that show in years. But, it's got to be better than the depressing news. I just get so frustrated watching it. I just have to wonder who exactly is running things out there in the world.

I've been in the mood to watch "The Sound Of Music" all day, but we don't have that movie and it's pouring rain or I'd go up to the video store and rent it. Maybe this weekend.

I've had the last two days off work and it's been SO nice! I could do a 3 day work week every week. Actually, I've been thinking about looking into doing 3rd shift daycare and seeing if there is a need for it in our area. Or another option is school age child care. That would only be a few hours in the morning and afternoon and leave me with more time during the day to homeschool the kids. I've decided this next year we're either going to satellite learning or dvds. I just can't do it all. Plus, my kids are getting old enough now they don't need me standing over their shoulders. I'm not sure what I'm going to do, I'm just tired of the way things are now. It's every day, stuck inside the house. Maybe once summer gets here and I can get out with the kids I'll feel better. I think because we were teased with 70 degree weather last week, I'm even more ready to get out.

I'm going to start tanning again. Tomorrow is the day. I'm going to make myself go. I feel better about myself when I look better and I just need a little pick me up. I'm back down to 110 pds after gaining so much weight while taking zoloft. And I haven't colored my hair in awhile... I need to get back at it. I've just sort of let myself go and I need to quit being so lazy! Cause that's really all it is, is laziness. Well, maybe not laziness, but motherness. I've been busy being a mom for the last 13 years but that shouldn't be an excuse. Right?! Anyway, I'm bringin Tonja back! Did you know that was the original title to JT's song? Well, it was! But because of trademark and licensing issues, he had to take my name out. And of course the only word he could think of to substitute my name with was "sexy"! I mean, it IS the nickname he gave me. It's hard to be me!

Ok, I'm off. It's almost 3:00 and I still haven't gotten into the shower yet. ICK!