March 17, 2007

408 Months

I have been on this earth for exactly 408 months now. In 408 months, approximately 120 months have been spent on education (give or take), 192 months have been spent working at some kind of job (the last 84 months have been spent doing daycare out of my home), 156 months have been cherished by being the mother of my kids, and about 140 months have been spent in endless relationships. I've had 408 months of having the best parents and family around, 408 months of creating wonderful friendships, and 408 months of trying to figure out what exactly I'm meant to do in this lifetime. I'm sure the Lord has something in mind and if He sees fit to give me another 408 months to figure it out, I'll be so greatful. Cause like I told T2 in the car today, I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up.

Here's to 34 years young and to getting 'Dance Dance Revolution' for my birthday! (Yeah, I rock like that!)

So... Who's coming over? I have cupcakes!!


Tyler said...

Happy birthday Mom.
Hope you liked everything
we got you! :)

Anonymous said...

People who blog about their child's MONTHLY "birthdays". Oh my gosh... when your child is 43 months old, do we really need an update? I mean, my youngest just turned 120 months but you didn't see me writing out a whole darn post about it.

We get it already . . . . . .

Happy Mom Tonja said...

This is EXACTLY why I turned my comments back on. LOLOLOLOL

Grow up!