June 21, 2006

Happy Hump Day

Boy this week is going fast. I'm not complaining though. I only have the baby today so we may try and get out. I'd like to take the boys to the library and maybe out for lunch. Last night we had dinner with my parents, my mom made steaks and baked potatos, salad with all the fixings and yummy rolls. It was so good. Then we went to Lowes to look for a freezer, stopped at Maggie Moos (YUM!) and then the boys and I went to Barnes and Noble. I got two of the more boyish Judy Blume books for our summer reading. We started "Freckle Juice" last night before bed. I thought about just getting books from the library, but I figured if I bought them, they'd have a nice collection when they grew up for their kids.

I got a call Monday to watch a little girl while her provider is on vacation next week. They came over last night to see "the place" and I guess it must have been ok because mom said they would see me Monday morning. At 6:30! ugh I don't normally take kids that early, but I figured it's only one week, I need the money, therefore I can handle it. The little girl is 5 and she seems to have a LOT of energy. So, I'm thinking that I'm going to have to make sure her day is full of things to do. Although I am NOT a morning person and am usually pretty quiet until I've been up for awhile, so I hope when she gets here she'll sit and watch tv for awhile and not be raring to go that early in the morning. Her mom also said she's a very picky eater. Great... lol Oh well, it's just for a week. I can handle it right?!

We've had our first accident of the summer... Monday night, Taylor was riding his bike and I'm not sure exactly what happened, but it has something to do with him swerving the wrong way and the electrical box in the neighbor's front yard. I guess he hit it or tried not to hit it. I never got a clear answer. Anyway, he came limping in saying "I'm hurt, I'm hurt" like he was trying to be brave and calm but wanted us to know it was serious. So we got him in the kitchen, looked at his leg and boy did he ever scrape it up. He has 3 huge scrapes around his right knee, a cut on his right foot and a huge bruise on his thigh. We had to get out the big bandages for those scrapes. Of course he said the triple antibiotic ointment stung, but I think it was just the fact I was having to put it on the broken skin and not the ointment itself. So, of course that leg has been babied ever since. He had to have a pillow to prop it up on at all times, he couldn't take a shower Monday night (I made him last night and he was ok until the end of the shower, then he said it hurt again), we have to arrange his blankets a certain way as to not touch his leg, he had to have lunch up in his room yesterday because it was too hard to sit at the table. lol It must really hurt though because the neighbor girl came over to jump on the trampoline yesterday and he was trying to jump but kept getting this really funny look on his face. Finally he got off and came inside and said that it just hurt too bad to jump. So, it must really hurt. Monday night after it happened he was all upset saying that his friends would think he was stupid, etc. I was trying to convince him how cool it was to have jacked up legs like that and those were his "war wounds" and his friends would all be jealous of those huge scrapes. I don't think he believe me until our 16 year old neighbor girl came over. He showed her his leg and she said "Cool!". That was all it took. Now he's limping around proud of his scrapes and bruises. Just like a boy!

I'm off to eat some breakfast and watch the news. Have a great Wednesday!