June 10, 2006

Happy Weekend

Hello, hope you are all having a good weekend, whoever you all are...

I have gotten into a really bad habit of sleeping in the past few days. I think I finally got up this morning at 10:30. That is so bad! Especially since starting Tuesday I will be setting my alarm for 6:00. Ugh! I dread it so much! I am not use to getting up that early. It's just a time right? (That's what my mom says.) Well, yes, it is just a time... but it's an early time! Anyway, I think I need to get myself to bed early tonight and keep up with an early bedtime.

So... remember a few months ago, back in Feb/March when a certain K-9 cop was a topic of a few blog posts... And remember how it was this whole back and forth thing between me and this other girl... And remember when I said he could have her because I knew that it would never last because she was just a freak that early on in their "relationship" and was REALLY REALLY controlling and jealous and I told him it would never work... and then she made him decided who he was choosing - her or me - and he chose her because he was gutless and was too scared to continue talking to me so we basically ended it... Ya, well guess who IMed me this morning. Yep - they all come running back eventually. (laughing) If these guys would just listen to me in the first place, we could save SO much time. But, now it's too late. He chose her, it's obviously not working out and OH WELL.... I don't want him now! He had his chance. I don't have time to play games. Ohkaay *snap*snap*snap*

As for the freak that my neighbor tried to hook me up with... You remember the one, the cable guy that was at my neighbor's house a couple weeks ago and she decided to play matchmaker and introduce us, get his number and then see what would happen. Well, the whole point of ME getting HIS number was that I wouldn't feel obligated to pursue it. And my decision was to NOT pursue it. Well, because this guy is a pysco freak, he's been calling my neighbor and asking for my number because it's been over a week and I haven't called him (Umm, duh, don't you get the hint dude?!) SO, get this... my neighbor GAVE IT TO HIM! grrrrr! So now this guy has my home number and is calling me constantly. But, because I'm a mean stubborn kind of gal, I have yet to answer my phone. And I won't. I wouldn't give him the time of day. He's already proved he's desperate and then on top of that, very unprofessional! I mean, he was the cable guy and my neighbor was his client and he sat there and called her up days later to get my number. I would think he could get in some trouble for that. You married women don't know how good you have it. Seriously, I know your husbands bug the poo poo out of you sometimes, but seriously don't envy what single women have to go through trying to find a normal, decent man these days!! It's crazy!!

Ok, so men stink... but little men don't, like my boys and babies... I am so super excited to get this new baby Monday! I washed the covers of the swing and bouncy seat today and got his bed all ready, put out the blankets and now I'm just waiting to get my hands on him. I have a feeling that between me and my mom this is going to be one spoiled little guy! Plus he's so superduper cute!

And now, because of all this GUY drama... I must head to bed. A girl needs her sleep. Especially if she's forced to fight off all these desperate men, I mean boys!