June 14, 2006

You Deserve A Break Today

I found this:http://app.mcdonalds.com/bagamcmeal and had to share.
My dad is going to pick us up some food tonight and the kids wanted Mc Donalds because they have "Cars" toys... well, I didn't know what I wanted so I went to their site to try and find something healthy and found this "Bag a McMeal". So, I put all the items that I usually get in the bag and found out the "nutrition" total... I about had a heart attack looking at the sodium!! OH my gosh! Go ahead and try this... but you may want to take an asprin first!

I'm not telling what I ended up ordering.... I'm too ashamed! Let's just say my calorie intake will be 1180, my sodium intake will be 1910 (YIKES) and my cholesterol intake will be 80 (wow).

And they want to put warning labels on cans of infant formula? Umm, how about we start here first!?!