June 19, 2006

What's Up

Hey! So... my weekend was fun!! I had the "surprise" 40th Anniversary party for my parents. It didn't end up being a surprise because some chic was over at one of my mom's friend's house and found the invitation, then she saw my mom at the store and asked about the party. My mom was like "what party?!". Well, I guess the chic felt bad and made my mom promise not to tell me that she told. My mom didn't tell me, but my dad did. I was ticked at first, but then had to tell myself it was just a mistake and we'd still have a great time anyway. And we did!

My aunt Gail, uncle Mark, cousin Jeremy and their poodle Hannah, came up Friday and left Sunday afternoon. We always have a great time with them. This was the first time they had taken their dog anywhere and she did great. We wondered how our dogs and her dog would get along, but they were fine... they just sniffed each other and acted like they'd been together forever.

My mom has been real sick since last week. She went to the doctor Thursday, again on Friday for more tests and had to go back today and possibly go in for a CATscan. Well, thank God nothing is seriously wrong with her. Her blood tests showed that she had a slight infection somewhere and her doctor thinks she's got diverticulitis, so she's on a strong antibiotic and is doing better.

Remember the Vegas Trip... well, I decided not to spend the money and I wasn't going to go. I guess that was a good choice because my cousin Jer called today and their trip has been cancelled. I guess Reba cancelled all her shows in August so they decided not to go out there. They got refunds on everything but their plane tickets and they have until sometime in 2007 to use them. SOOOOO... we decide today that our families are FINALLY going to take the trip to Florida that we've been talking about for about 5 years. We are hoping to go sometime this coming March. It's now or never. My kids will be 10 and 13... and I've been wanting to take them to Disney World for a very long time. I didn't want to take the when they were real little because I wanted them to be able to remember it, and now I think they'll be at an age where they will really be able to enjoy it. I am so excited!! It's only 9 months away... time to start saving our money!! Oh and I'm not even thinking about the plane ride yet... I'll leave that anxiety for another day.

Well, now that my mom's not working nights, we've decide to try and walk every night so I'm off to walk. Have a great week everyone!