June 13, 2006

What a Compliment!

The new little daycare baby's mom is so super nice!! I know I'm going to just love this new family! Not to mention the baby is the sweetest little cutiepatootie!!

This mom works about 45 minutes away from me and during the whole interviewing process (with me) we discovered that I close my daycare before she would be able to be back in town to get the baby. At first I didn't know if they would be able to work it out, or if I would lose this potential client. Well, they called back and enrolled their child so I assumed that they had it all worked out.

What I didn't know was that mom's work told her they would give her time to find other child care and that she would only be able to leave early for the first few weeks back.

Mom was very upfront with me about this a few weeks before they started and she said she didn't know if she would even be staying at that job because of some other issues. I was happy she told me, but really thought that they may just keep him here until they found other care. Which was ok, you can't excpect people stay in your daycare if they need longer hours and I really didn't want to stay opened until 6pm, so I just left it at "whatever happens, happens".

So today was her first day back to work. She came in tonight and told me how great it was to be walking out the door at 4:15 when everyone else had to stay until 5:00. Then she told me that they asked her how her new daycare search was going and she informed them that she wasn't looking for a new daycare but that she would be looking for a new job instead. She said she told them that now that she's found me, she would rather look for another job than another daycare and that she trusts me and feels very comfortable leaving her baby with me and that she doesn't even feel nervous when she leaves him and she really thought she would.

How nice it that?! I don't know many parents who would give up their job and look for another one just to keep me as their daycare provider. I feel so appreciated!!